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What Kind of Aluminum Substrate Manufacturer is Good? How Should We Choose?

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  Aluminum substrate is widely used,especially in the field of LDE industry.The biggest feature of aluminum substrate is good heat dissipation,voltage resistance,uniform current,anti-static,so it is widely used in the field of LDE.DPC ceramics.There are many aluminum substrate manufacturers.What are the famous aluminum substrate manufacturers?What kind of aluminum substrate manufacturer is better?

  In the past few years,the aluminum substrate industry was very hot,and the price was also very good.Now,it is gradually mixed by many traders,and the price is becoming lower and lower,divided into low-end,medium and high-end products.The low-end aluminum base plate is inferior to the medium and high-end ones in plate,ink and workmanship,which affects the service life of lamps.

  The quality of an aluminum substrate depends on the glossiness of the oil surface,the flatness of the plate surface,and the flatness and finish of the aluminum surface on the opposite side.At present,the aluminum substrate manufacturers are basically in the Pearl River Delta,Jiangmen,Zhongshan,Shenzhen and other places.Generally,the aluminum substrate brands include domestic Huadian Taiwan's dailing,Taihong,and juding.Due to different materials,the quality of each manufacturer is different,the good and the bad are different,and the price is very different.Therefore,the selected aluminum substrate manufacturers know more about several aspects:

  I.whether the materials of aluminum substrate manufacturers are high-purity aluminum.

DPC ceramics

  96%of the high-purity aluminum talent book,good material is the cornerstone of product quality

  II.Process technology of aluminum substrate manufacturer

  A good aluminum substrate manufacturer seeks to improve the process;the quality of each link is well controlled,with a careful quality supervision system.

  III.process capability of aluminum substrate manufacturer

  Good aluminum substrate manufacturers will choose advanced equipment,such as withstand voltage tester,insulation resistance tester to ensure the product performance of the insulation layer.

  Choose a well-known manufacturer or a suitable manufacturer.First,we need to see the demand,and second,we need to see the quality matching of aluminum substrate manufacturers.DPC ceramics.If it is high-end proofing,it is recommended to find a professional aluminum base plate manufacturer.If a large number of recommendations to find large well-known manufacturers.

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