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Ceramic Substrate Discussion on The Design Requirements of PCB

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  After the circuit board is developed,it is put into proofing production.The R&D and design need to strictly follow the design requirements of PCB circuit board.The following are four aspects and experiences of ceramic substrate small editing and finishing:


  This is a higher level requirement in PCB design.The circuit board with correct connection may not have good reliability,such as unreasonable plate selection,incorrect plate thickness and installation and fixation,improper layout and wiring of component equipment,etc.,which may lead to unreliable operation of PCB,early failure or even incorrect operation of substrate.Moreover,compared with single and double panel,multi-layer panel is much easier to design,but it is not as reliable as single and double panel.From the perspective of reliability,the simpler the structure,the smaller the use surface,the fewer the layers of the board,and the higher the reliability.


  This is the most basic and important requirement of PCB design.It can accurately complete the connection of electrical schematic diagram and avoid the two simple and fatal faults of"short circuit"and"open circuit".This basic requirement is not easy to achieve in the PCB designed by hand or by simple CAD software.The general products must pass more than two rounds of trial production and modification.The CAD software with strong function has the function of inspection to ensure the correctness of electrical connection.


  This is a deeper and more difficult requirement in PCB design.A printed board component,from the production,inspection,installation and debugging of printed board to the installation and debugging of the whole machine to the use and repair of printed board,is closely related to the rationality of printed board,such as the poor processing of the board shape,the difficulty of installing the lead hole too small,the difficulty of leaving the pilot height,the difficulty of repairing the connection outside the board.Every difficulty may lead to the increase of cost and the extension of working hours.And every reason for the difficulty is the fault of the designer.There is no definite and reasonable design,only the process of continuous rationalization.It needs the designer's sense of responsibility and rigorous style,as well as the experience of summing up and improving in practice.


  This is a policy that is not difficult to reach,nor easy to reach,but must be reached.It's not difficult to say that the price of the board is low,the board size is as small as possible,the direct welding wire is used for connection,the cheapest one is used for surface coating,and the processing plant with the lowest price is selected,etc.,so the production price of the printed board will drop.However,don't forget that these cheap selections may lead to poor workmanship and reliability,which will increase the cost of production and repair,and the overall economy may not necessarily be a banking office."Must"is the principle of market competition.Competition is ruthless.A product with advanced principle and high technology may die due to economic reasons.

ceramic substrate


  1.Choose a good address:I don't know how many engineers and technicians have talked about the small address,which shows its importance.In general,common ground is required,such as:multiple ground wires of forward amplifier shall be connected with the main ground after merging.In practice,it is difficult to achieve it completely because of various constraints,but it should be followed as much as possible.This problem is quite flexible in practice.Everyone has their own set of solutions.It is easy to understand if it can be explained for detailed circuit board.

  2.There should be a reasonable trend:such as input/output,AC/DC,strong/weak signal,high frequency/low frequency,high voltage/low voltage,etc.their trend should be linear(or separated)and should not be integrated with each other.The intention is to avoid disturbing each other.The best trend is straight line,but it is not easy to complete.The most unlucky trend is circular.Fortunately,it can set barriers to bring improvement.For all DC,small signal,low voltage PCB design requirements can be lower.So"reasonable"is relative.

  3.Pay attention to the line:the line with wide conditions shall not be thin;the high-voltage and high-frequency lines shall be smooth,without sharp chamfering,and the right angle shall not be used for turning.The ground wire should be as wide as possible,and it is better to use a large area of copper,which greatly improves the docking address.

  4.Reasonable placement of power filter/decoupling capacitor:generally,only a few power filter/decoupling capacitors are drawn in the schematic diagram,but where they should be connected is not indicated.In fact,these capacitors are set for switching devices(gate circuits)or other components that need filtering/decoupling.To place these capacitors,you should try to be close to these components as much as possible.If you are too far away,there will be no effect.Interestingly,when the power filter/decoupling capacitor placement is reasonable,the problem of the connection address is not so obvious.

  5.Although some problems occur in post production,they are brought about by PCB design.They are:too many wire holes,a little carelessness in copper sinking process will cause danger.Therefore,the through-line hole should be minimized in the design.The density of parallel lines in the same direction is too large,so it is easy to connect them when welding.Therefore,the linear density should be determined according to the level of welding process.The interval of welding points is too small,which is not suitable for manual welding,so the welding quality can only be treated by reducing the work efficiency.Otherwise,there will be danger.Therefore,the confirmation of the minimum interval of welding points should consider the nature and work efficiency of welding personnel.The size of pad or through-line hole is too small,or the pad size does not match the drilling size properly.The former is bad luck for manual drilling and the latter is bad luck for numerical control drilling.It is easy to drill the pad into a"C"shape,and if it is heavy,the pad will be drilled out.The conductor is too thin,and the large area of non wiring area is not set with copper coating,which is easy to form uneven corrosion.That is to say,after the corrosion of the unrouted area,the fine wire may be excessively corroded,or it may not break,or it may be completely broken.Therefore,the effect of copper laying is not only to increase the area of ground wire and anti disturbance.

  The above is the requirement and key of PCB circuit board design shared by ceramic substrate editor.I hope it can help you!
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