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The God of High Frequency PCB Circuit Board

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  It is well known that high frequency PCB board involves high frequency materials and requires high technology.Today,DPC ceramic editor will share the manufacturing process and precautions of high frequency circuit board.

  First of all,we understand the manufacturing of high frequency PCB from the perspective of structure

  High frequency PCB is mainly composed of pad,through hole,installation hole,wire,component,connector,filling,electrical gap,etc.the main functions of each component are as follows:

  Pad:the metal hole used to weld the pins of components.

  Vias:there are metal vias and non-metal vias,in which metal vias are used to connect components pins between layers.

  Mounting hole:used to fix the circuit board.

  Conductor:copper film of electrical network used to connect the pins of components.

  Connector:a component used to connect circuit boards.

  Filling:used for copper coating of ground wire network,which can effectively reduce the impedance.

  Electrical gap:used to determine the size of the circuit board.All components on the circuit board shall not exceed the gap.

  Secondly,understand the manufacturing principle of high frequency circuit board:

  In the high frequency circuit design,the power supply is designed in a layer way,which is much better than the bus way in most cases,so that the circuit can always go along the path with the minimum impedance.In addition,the power supply board has to provide a signal loop for all the generated and received signals on the PCB,which can minimize the signal loop and then reduce the noise,which is often ignored by the low-frequency circuit designers.

DPC ceramic

  In the design of high frequency PCB,we should follow the following principles:

  The unity and stability of power and ground.

  Careful consideration of wiring and proper termination can eliminate reflections.

  Careful consideration of wiring and proper termination can reduce capacitive and rational crosstalk.

  Noise suppression is required to meet EMC requirements.

  It's not difficult for us to understand the points for attention in the processing of high frequency circuit board if we understand the composition and manufacturing principle of high frequency circuit board

  1.The impedance control requirements are relatively strict,and the relative linewidth control is very strict,with a general tolerance of about 2%.

  2.Due to the special plate,the adhesion of PTH copper deposition is not high.Generally,the through hole and surface need to be roughened first by means of plasma treatment equipment,so as to increase the adhesion of PTH hole copper and resistance welding ink.

  3.Do not grind the plate before resistance welding,otherwise the adhesion will be very poor,and only coarsen with micro etching solution.

  4.Most of the plates are made of polytetrafluoroethylene.There will be a lot of burrs when forming with a general milling cutter,which requires a special milling cutter.

  5.High frequency circuit board is a special circuit board with high electromagnetic frequency.Generally speaking,high frequency can be defined as the frequency above 1GHz.

  DPC ceramic editor introduces its high requirements of physical properties,precision and technical parameters,which are commonly used in automobile anti-collision system,satellite system,radio system and other fields.

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