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How to Metallize The Surface of AlN Ceramic Substrate?

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Ceramic substrate.In order to apply AlN ceramic substrate to microelectronics,it is necessary to metallize its surface.The surface metallization technology of AlN ceramic substrate can be divided into four kinds:thin film,thick film,copper coating and chemical plating.

  In fact,the difference between the thin and thick film metallization methods is not very large.The thin film method combines the film data with the surface of AlN ceramic substrate by electroplating or vacuum plating.However,it should be noted that in the process of coating,the thermal expansion coefficient of the metal film should be consistent with that of the substrate,which is to ensure that the metal film can completely adhere to its surface.The difference of thick film method is that its coating is screen printing rather than electroplating.

  Ceramic substrate.As for the copper coating law,it is similar to the advantages of chemical plating,which is realized by chemical reaction to make AlN ceramic substrate surface appear metal film.The difference is that the copper plating method uses the method of heating oxidation to make the chemical materials react,and the law of chemical plating is to directly bubble the cleaned AlN ceramic substrate into the solution for coating.

Ceramic substrate

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