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What Are The Reasons for The Popularity of Metal Printed Boards?

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  Metal substrate has been used since 1960s,and widely used in the world in 1980s and 1990s.It is estimated that the annual output value of global metal substrate printing is about 2 billion US dollars.What do ceramic substrate knits want to know about the popularity of metal printed boards?

  (1)thermal expansion

  Heat expansion and cold contraction are the common properties of materials.CTE(coefficient of thermal expansion)of different materials is different.

  Printed board is a composite of resin+reinforced materials(such as glass fiber)+copper foil.The CTE of PCB is 13-18 ppm/℃in the X-Y direction,80-90 ppm/℃in the Z direction,and that of copper is 16.8 ppm/℃.The CTE of the chip carrier is 6ppm/℃.The CTE of the metallized hole wall and the connected insulating wall of the printed board in the z-axis is very different.The heat generated cannot be removed in time.The thermal expansion and contraction make the metallized hole crack and disconnect,so the machine and equipment are unreliable.

  SMT(surface mount technology)makes this problem more prominent and becomes a problem that must be handled.Because the interconnection of surface mount is completed through the direct connection of surface solder joints,the CTE of ceramic chip carrier is 6,and the CTE of FR4 substrate in X-Y direction is 13-18,therefore,due to the difference of CTE,the long-term stress of the mount joint solder joints will lead to fatigue fracture.

  Metal Based PCB can effectively deal with the heat dissipation problem,so as to alleviate the heat expansion and cold contraction problem of different substances of components on PCB,and improve the durability and reliability of the whole machine and electronic equipment.

  (2)heat dissipation

  At present,many double-sided boards and multilayer boards have high density,high power and heat emission.Conventional PCB substrates,such as FR4 and cem3,are all bad conductors of heat,with interlayer insulation and no heat emission.Part of the electronic equipment is not cleaned due to heating,which leads to high temperature failure of electronic components,and the metal base printed board can deal with this heat dissipation problem.

  (3)dimensional stability

  The obvious size of Metal Based PCB is much more stable than that of insulated PCB.Aluminum based printed boards and aluminum sandwich boards are heated from 30℃to 140~150℃,and the size changes from 2.5~3.0%

  (4)other reasons

  The iron-based PCB has shielding effect;it replaces the brittle ceramic substrate;it can safely use the surface installation technology;it can reduce the real and effective area of PCB;it can replace the radiator and other components to improve the heat resistance and physical function of the product;it can reduce the production cost and labor.

  Ceramic substrate small braid learned that the current metal substrate like aluminum substrate,copper substrate,thick copper plate and other widely used in various fields.

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