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What Is the Main Application of LED Aluminum Substrate?

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  LED aluminum base plate is generally used in LED energy-saving lamp,LED TV will also be used,mainly used in the objects that need heat conduction,because the greater the LED current,the brighter the light,but afraid of high temperature,high temperature in addition to dead lamp beads,that is,light failure.

DPC ceramics.Main uses of aluminum base plate and LED aluminum base plate:

  1.Audio equipment:input,output amplifier,balance amplifier,audio amplifier,pre amplifier,power amplifier,etc.

  2.Power supply:switch regulator,DC/AC converter,SW regulator,etc.

  3.Communication electronic equipment:high frequency amplifier,filter,and sending circuit.

  4.Office automation equipment:motor driver,etc.

  5.Car:electronic regulator,ignitor,power controller,etc.

  6.Computer:CPU board,floppy disk drive,power supply device,etc.

  7.Power module:converter,solid relay,rectifier bridge,etc.

  8.Lamps and lanterns:with the promotion of energy-saving lamps,various energy-saving and gorgeous LED lamps are popular in shopping malls,and the aluminum substrate used for LED lamps is also starting to be used on a large scale.

  DPC ceramics.As the main base plate aluminum base plate needed by LED lighting industry,it can be said that it will spread throughout the country in the LED lighting era.With the wide use of aluminum base plate,relevant aluminum base plate splitting machine equipment will also rise with the tide.

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