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On The Types and Substrates of Ceramic Substrate PCB

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  Ceramic PCB is popular because of its excellent electrical insulation function,high thermal conductivity,excellent solderability and high adhesion strength.The market demand for ceramic substrate is also very large,mainly used in power electronics,electronic packaging,Hybrid Microelectronics and multi chip modules and other fields.Today's ceramic substrate small series to share the types of ceramic substrate PCB and substrate.

  Type of ceramic substrate:

  At present,there are five kinds of common ceramic heat dissipation substrates:HTCC,LTCC,DBC,DPC and Lam.Lam belongs to the patent technology of collaboration between stone and the national optoelectronic Laboratory of Huazhong University of science and technology.Htccltcc belongs to sintering process,with high cost.

  DBC and DPC are developed and matured in recent years in China,and the energy production technology.DBC uses high-temperature heating to combine Al2O3 with Cu plate.The technical bottleneck is that it is not easy to deal with the problem of micro porosity between Al2O3 and Cu plate,which makes the mass production energy and yield of the product greatly challenged.DPC uses direct copper plating technology to deposit Cu on Al2O3 plate Its products are the most commonly used ceramic heat dissipation substrate in recent years.However,the integration of material control and process technology is required to be high,which makes the technical threshold for entering DPC industry and stable production relatively high.

  Generally,the materials of ceramic substrate PCB are aluminum oxide and aluminum nitride.Aluminum oxide ceramic substrate is mainly used in electronic industry because of its high thermal expansion coefficient,while aluminum nitride material is used in aerospace products with high thermal conductivity and heat dissipation.

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