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Do You Know The Secret of Rapid Proofing of Aluminum Substrate ?

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  Purchasers are looking for fast proofing manufacturers of aluminum substrate,but 80%of purchasers do not know the fast proofing method of aluminum substrate.Let's talk about the following ceramic substrates:

  Is aluminum substrate proofing the same way as other PCBs?Aluminum substrate proofing refers to the process of printing,using photographic methods or electronic color separation machine to produce and make a proper repair of the negative,before mass printing,first printing proofing.The purpose of this is to confirm whether the equipment,processing and operation are correct in the printing process,and to provide customers with samples that meet the needs of users.Proofing does not require the same visual and quality as the final product.The following are several methods of aluminum substrate proofing:

  The rapid proofing methods of aluminum substrate can be divided into two categories.One is hard proofing,such as mechanical proofing,pre proofing of photosensitive materials proofing,ink-jet proofing,etc.The other is soft proofing.

  First,photographic material proofing

  This method has the method of color lamination,color lamination and electrostatic proofing.

  Generally,the film base coated with photosensitive substances is closely attached and exposed with the corresponding color separation and screening film to make monochromatic yellow,magenta,blue and black films,which are superposed together to form colorful images.In order to transfer the color layer of each monochromatic film to the proofing substrate,forming a colorful pattern.

  Second,mechanical proofing

  Mechanical is also called simulation proofing.Generally,when the printing conditions are basically the same(such as paper,ink,printing method,etc.),install the printed plate which has been dried with the original plate on the proofing machine,print,get the sample sheet,and then proofread against the original or layout planning drawing,until the level,color,text,layout specification standards are correct,and finally signed by the customer,it can be printed.

  Although mechanical proofing is carried out by simulating printing,the ink transfer principle,printing materials used and printing environment of mechanical proofing are often inconsistent with the actual printing.Therefore,there are always differences between the color and reproducibility of the original obtained from the proofing machine and the printing sheets obtained from the printing machine.In order to reduce this,different multi-color automatic proofing machines have been developed And applied to printing production.

  The pre proofing method does not require plates,papers,inks and proofing machines,but uses special photosensitive materials,applies the principles of Optics and photochemistry,obtains colorful samples or displays on the display screen,finds problems in image information processing,timely corrects and improves the efficiency of mechanical proofing.

  Third,electronic proofing

  This kind of proofing method is mainly used to develop the colorful desktop publishing system,using ink-jet printer or thermal sublimation printer to obtain samples.

  1.For the ink-jet printer,a very thin nozzle is installed on the print head,and the nozzle is used to spray the ink on the paper.There are four print heads,three print heads and one print head.

  2.The thermal sublimation printer is equipped with a plurality of thermal elements on the print head,which melt the transparent dye on the colorful ribbon onto the paper,and each color covers each other to form a colorful image similar to the photo

  Fourth,computer assisted proofing

  This method has soft proofing and hard proofing.

  1.Soft proofing,using the computer-aided multicolor proofing system,you can see the multicolor image on the display screen,unable to obtain the sample.Hard proofing,the use of color whole page mosaic system output data,in the hard proofing system to obtain samples.

  2.Hard proofing system is generally composed of display terminal,keyboard,floppy disk drive equipment,laser recording system and online photo developer.Ceramic substrate.You can also use the data of the whole page mosaic machine to obtain the samples through the colorful inkjet machine.

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