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Basic Production Process of Aluminum Substrate

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  1.Opening material:cut the raw material of aluminum base plate into required dimensions.Ceramic substrate.

  2.Drilling:it is positioned on the aluminum base plate and used for subsequent processing drilling,which helps.

  3.Line imaging:necessary parts for on-line display of aluminum substrate.

  4.Etching:line imaging retains the required parts.The rest does not require partial etching.

  5.Screen welding:avoid solder contamination of non welding points and short circuit.It is very important to use welding mask in wave soldering.

  6.Screen printing characters:mark.

  7.Surface treatment:protect the surface of aluminum substrate.

  8.CNC:full board CNC operation.

  9.Withstand voltage test:the test circuit works normally.

  10.Packaging and transportation:the aluminum base plate acknowledges the integrity and quantity of the package.Ceramic substrate.

Ceramic substrate

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