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Process and Optimization of Copper Substrate

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  PCB is the most basic structure in the electronic industry,and the meaning of process technology is the final surface treatment;that is,the important means of anti-corrosion,electroplating and other treatment for copper substrate;DPC ceramics.The choice of substrate has a great influence on the voltage resistance,insulation resistance,dielectric constant,loss and other electrical properties,environmental protection,moisture absorption and so on;

  Copper substrate processing technology(tin spraying)is the earliest treatment method,the advantage is that it can be stored for a long time,with low cost,and the technology has been very sophisticated,but because of the problem of surface flatness,there are also limitations in SMT,if the plate is especially thick or thin,tin spraying has local limitations,and the operation is not convenient;

  At the same time,electroless gold plating or silver plating:it is a plate-like composite material formed by dissolving some kind of resin,drying,and then making a semi curing sheet,then stacking together according to the required thickness,and heating and pressurizing the outer layer of copper foil;DPC ceramics.The advantages are long storage time of 12 months,suitable for contact design and gold wire binding,suitable for point testing;however,the cost is relatively high,and there are surface uniformity problems;more attention should be paid to the design.

DPC ceramics

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