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How to Choose Ceramics for Electronic Industry

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  Electronic ceramics,or electronic industrial ceramics,are essentially different from other electric power ceramics in chemical composition,microstructure and mechanical and electrical properties.Ceramic substrate.These differences are formed by a series of special technical requirements put forward by the electronic industry for electronic ceramics,of which the most important one is to have high mechanical strength,high temperature and humidity resistance,radiation resistance,medium constant changing in a wide range,small dielectric loss tangent value,temperature coefficient of capacitance adjustable(or the change rate of capacitance adjustable).High dielectric strength and insulation resistance value,and excellent aging performance.

  Electronic ceramics can be divided into alumina ceramic sheet and zirconia ceramic sheet according to materials;high frequency and ultra-high frequency insulating ceramics,high frequency and high dielectric ceramics,ferroelectric and anti ferroelectric ceramics,piezoelectric ceramics,semiconductor ceramics,photoelectric ceramics and resistance ceramics according to characteristics;fixed ceramics,electric vacuum ceramics,capacitor ceramics and resistance ceramics according to the scope of use;and many according to microstructure Crystal,monocrystal,polycrystal and glass phase,monocrystal and glass phase(non glass phase ceramics belong to solid phase sintering,glass phase ceramics belong to wave phase sintering).

  Using the high-frequency or ultra-high frequency and low-frequency electrical and physical characteristics of ceramic materials,we can make fixed parts of various shapes,ceramic capacitors,electric vacuum ceramic parts,carbon film resistance matrix,etc.,which are indispensable components in electronic equipment such as communication,radio,television,radar,instruments and meters;in addition,with the development of new technologies such as laser,computing,integration,optics,etc With the development of electronic ceramics,its application is expanding day by day.

  Ceramic substrate.The development of electronic ceramic materials is closely related to the development of physical chemistry,applied physics,silicate physical chemistry,solid state physics,optics,electricity,acoustics,radio electronics,etc.they promote each other,so that great progress has been made in the rapid development of electronic technology.

Ceramic substrate

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