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On The Types and Characteristics of CCl

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  Copper clad technology is widely used in satellite navigation system,space radar system,high-speed rail system and 5g signal transmission system.Moreover,copper clad product is directly used as the substrate material of printed circuit board,and printed circuit board uses almost all electronic information products.We can see the importance of copper clad laminates.There are many types of copper clad laminates.What are the characteristics of the types of copper clad laminates?DPC ceramics will introduce them to you!

  I.copper clad phenolic paper laminate

  It is a laminated product made of insulating impregnated paper(tfz-62)or cotton fiber impregnated paper(1tz-63)impregnated with phenolic resin by hot pressing.The two outer gummed papers can be attached with a single sheet of alkali free glass impregnated tape,one side of which is covered with copper foil.Mainly used as printed circuit board in radio equipment.

  II.Soft polyester copper-clad film

  It is a ribbon material made of polyester film and copper by hot pressing.In use,it is bent into a spiral shape and placed inside the equipment.In order to strengthen or moistureproof,it is often filled with epoxy resin as a whole.It is mainly used as flexible printed circuit and printed cable,and can be used as the transition line of connector.

  III.copper clad polytetrafluoroethylene laminate

  It is a kind of copper clad plate which is based on polytetrafluoroethylene plate and covered with copper foil by hot pressing.It is mainly used as printed circuit board in high frequency and UHF circuits.

  IV.copper clad epoxy glass cloth laminate

  It is a common material for hole metallized PCB.

  V.copper clad phenolic glass cloth laminate

  It is a laminated product made of alkali free glass cloth soaked with epoxy phenolic resin by hot pressing.One or both sides of it are covered with copper foil,which has the advantages of light weight,excellent electrical and mechanical properties,convenient processing,etc.Its board surface is light yellow.If cyanodiamine is used as curing agent,the board surface is light green and has outstanding transparency.It is mainly used as printed circuit board in radio equipment with high operating temperature and frequency.

  The main material for manufacturing PCB is copper clad board.This article is about the structure of the so-called copper clad laminate in the knowledge of the so-called copper clad laminate.The copper clad laminate is a process of bonding and hot extrusion,so that a certain thickness of copper foil is firmly covered on the insulating substrate.The material and thickness of the copper clad plate base plate are different.

  The copper foil and adhesive used in CCL are also different,and the properties of the CCL produced are very different.DPC ceramic small braid introduces that copper foil is covered on one side of the substrate,which is called single-sided copper clad plate,and on the two sides of the substrate,which is called double-sided copper clad plate.

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