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How to Distinguish The Quality of Copper Substrate

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Ceramic substrate.Copper substrate is a unique copper-clad metal substrate,which has good thermal conductivity,electrical insulation and machining performance.It can be divided into:Gold sinking copper base plate,silver plating copper base plate,tin spraying copper base plate,anti-oxidation copper base plate,etc.

  The circuit layer of copper substrate requires a large current carrying capacity,so a thick copper foil with a thickness of 35μm~280μm should be used;the thermal insulation layer is the core technology of copper substrate,the core thermal conductivity component is composed of aluminum oxide and silica powder and polymer filled with epoxy resin,with small thermal resistance(0.15),excellent viscoelasticity,thermal aging resistance and mechanical resistance And thermal stress.

  The bottom metal layer of copper base plate is the supporting component of copper base plate,which requires high thermal conductivity.Generally,it is copper plate,and copper plate can also be used(in which copper plate can provide better thermal conductivity),which is suitable for conventional machining such as drilling,punching and cutting.

  The quality of copper substrate can be simply analyzed from the following four points:

  I.light and color

  The external circuit board is covered with ink.The circuit board can play the role of insulation.If the color of the board is not bright and there is less ink,the insulation board itself is not good.

  Standard rules for size and thickness

  The thickness of circuit board to standard circuit board is different.Customers can measure and check according to the thickness and standard of their own products.

  III.weld appearance

  Because there are many parts in the circuit board,if the welding is not good and the parts are easy to fall,the welding quality of the circuit board will be seriously affected.It is very important to have a good appearance,carefully identify and a strong interface.

  IV.heat dissipation performance

  The heat dissipation performance of copper substrate is one of the three standards to measure the quality of the plate(thermal resistance value and pressure resistance value are the other two properties).

  Ceramic substrate.The thermal conductivity of the copper substrate can be measured by the test instrument after the plate is pressed.The high thermal conductivity is generally ceramic,aluminum,etc.However,considering the cost,most of the copper substrates are in the market now.The corresponding thermal conductivity of the copper substrate is the parameter we care about.The higher the thermal conductivity is one of the signs of better performance.

Ceramic substrate

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