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What are The Two Sides of Copper Base Plate?

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Ceramic substrate.The double-sided copper base plate is also called copper-clad plate,which is a kind of metal circuit board.Its structure is generally composed of three layers,i.e.copper poise,heat conducting insulating material and copper.

  Because of its low thermal resistance and good heat dissipation,its products can play an important role in some special industries,and its substrate is also more suitable for conventional machining such as cutting and punching.

  The advantages of double-sided copper substrate are as follows:

  First,the base material of copper substrate is generally copper,because its heat dissipation effect is better than aluminum and iron,its copper foil thickness is 35μm-280μm,which can achieve a strong current carrying capacity.

  Two,copper substrate is more common in circuit components than in circuit board substrate.Because of many high power density circuits and circuit components,many substrates can not be well dissipating due to their aging resistance and mechanical and thermal stress,resulting in many short circuit life with high power density.

  Ceramic substrate.The copper substrate can give full play to its good heat dissipation performance,and deal with the problem of difficult heat dissipation and short life of circuit products with high power density.

Ceramic substrate

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