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Ceramic Circuit Board Is The Best Choice for Photovoltaic Inverter

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Ceramic substrate.Photovoltaic power generation system is mainly composed of inverter,controller,photovoltaic cell array,energy storage equipment,etc.Among them,the inverter is also called the inverter power supply.Its working principle is relatively complex.It can convert the DC power to the transactional current power through the semiconductor power switch,so as to meet the needs of AC load,equipment power supply and grid connected power generation.

  According to the frequency of inverter output AC energy,it can be divided into power frequency inverter(50-60Hz),medium frequency inverter(400Hz to tens of kHz),high frequency inverter(tens of kHz to MHz);according to the phase number of output AC,it can be divided into single-phase inverter,three-phase inverter,and multi-phase inverter;according to the direction of electric energy,it can be divided into active inverter and passive inverter;according to the main circuit structure,it can be divided into single ended inverter Transformer,half bridge inverter,full bridge inverter,push-pull inverter;according to the output waveform,it can be divided into square wave inverter,step wave inverter,sine wave inverter;according to the power size,it can be divided into small power inverter(1kW),medium power inverter(1-10kw),high power inverter(>10kW).

  The inverter is mainly composed of semiconductor power equipment,inverter drive and control circuit.The high-power semiconductor switch equipment includes:IGBT,VMOSFET,GTO,Mgt,MCT,sit,sit,IPM,etc.

  Requirements for photovoltaic inverter:

  1.Stable output voltage.In the photovoltaic system,the electric energy of the solar cell will be stored,and converted into 220V or 380V alternating current through the inverter.The output voltage fluctuates greatly,which requires higher requirements for the inverter.Its steady-state output voltage changes up and down at 5%.When the load changes abruptly,the output voltage should fluctuate up and down at 10%.

  2.Less distortion of waveform.Generally speaking,the waveform distortion shall not exceed 5%.The high-order harmonic current output by the inverter will cause additional losses such as vortex on the rational load.If the waveform distortion is too large,it will cause severe heating of the load components,which is not conducive to the equipment and service life of the equipment,and then affect the use of the whole system.

  3.Stable output frequency.The best frequency working point of the motor is 50Hz.If the frequency is too high or too low,it will easily form the heating of the equipment,then reduce the operating efficiency and service life of the system,and improve the cost performance of the photovoltaic system.

  4.Additional output current.The extra output current is also called extra output capacity,which refers to the extra output current of the inverter within the range of regular load power factor.The extra output current of the inverter is the product of the extra output current when the output power factor is 1.

  5.others.Such as lightning protection maintenance,over temperature maintenance,reliable start-up under extra load,etc.

  Ceramic circuit board has good insulation and stability,with the breakdown voltage up to 20kV/mm,and can withstand the sudden change of high current and high voltage in an instant to ensure the normal operation of equipment and system;the thermal expansion coefficient of ceramics and chips is close to each other,which will not cause too large deformation when the temperature difference changes dramatically,and then lead to the problems of line desoldering,internal stress,etc.Ceramic substrate.Ceramic circuit board has higher thermal conductivity and good heat dissipation function.It can work in outdoor high and low temperature environment to improve the service life of photovoltaic system.China is a large country of photovoltaic products output,which is affected by the improvement of environmental protection requirements for photovoltaic products and the product upgrading caused by excess capacity of photovoltaic products in China,so as to promote the use of inorganic materials,pollution-free,good heat dissipation,high stability ceramic circuit boards as an important part of photovoltaic inverters and solar panels.

Ceramic substrate

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