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Brief Introduction of Diffuse Reflection Aluminum Substrate

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Ceramic substrate.Diffuse reflection aluminum substrate is generally used in new backlight products with high brightness and large luminous angle.Usually,high-power aluminum substrate is used as the light source treatment,and its main advantage is ultra-high brightness with 170 degree wide-angle luminous.

  The application products of diffuse reflection aluminum substrate include:

  1.Advertising media lighting products such as subway,station and bus platform;

  2.Lighting products such as light box and activity billboard;

  3.Hall,hotel,hotel and other wall decoration publicize lighting products;

  4.Lighting products for external signs,large-scale exhibition projects or activities.

  The advantages of diffuse reflective aluminum substrate to diffuse reflective lamp are as follows:

  1.It is suitable for profiles with thickness of more than 3.5cm,with uniform light and no shadow;

  4.In the form of double line,it can be cut freely according to the needs,and it is easier to prepare goods and has a wide range of habits;

  2.170 degree wide angle lighting makes the light in the light box more even,while the traditional rolling shutter light is about 120 degrees.

  3.On the 3.5-10cm ultra-thin light box,the advantages are more significant,the light is symmetrical,the materials are more saved,and the installation labor cost is greatly reduced.

  The characteristics of diffuse reflective aluminum substrate to LED diffuse reflective light strip are as follows:

  1.It has the advantages of large luminous angle,uniform luminous,good heat dissipation,long service life and high brightness.

  2.In addition to being used in light box and soft film ceiling,led diffuse reflective light strip can also be used in large characters,signboards,luminous characters,shopping mall decoration lighting,intelligent lighting,etc.

  3.According to its characteristics and advantages,it can completely replace the ever used lamp.

  4.The lamp has a short service life.It will turn black after lighting for a period of time,which will affect the overall effect.In particular,the large-scale light-emitting words,the area is relatively large,if the use of light tubes,the consumption of labor,time and cost.

  Ceramic substrate.If the LED diffuse reflective light strip made of diffuse reflective aluminum substrate is used,not only the power can be increased,but also the production cost can be reduced.For example,for indoor lighting,a simple soft film light strip can be fixed on the ceiling,covered with soft film,and delicate patterns can be printed on the soft film to make it more beautiful.

Ceramic substrate

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