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Why Is Silicon Nitride Ceramics Popular?

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  1.Higher cost performance

  The service life of silicon nitride ceramic substrate is very long and its machining accuracy is very high,that is to say,the silicon nitride ceramic can be supported for a long time after one-time processing,and it will not lose and need to be replaced again and again soon.And the high precision of processing together means that the yield is very high,which also reflects the decrease of the cost of silicon nitride ceramics.

  2.Long service life

  Silicon nitride ceramics have always been characterized by high strength,high toughness and high corrosion resistance,and its high temperature resistance function is also difficult for other materials to look up.Therefore,the products processed by silicon nitride ceramics have a very long service life,which is very cost-effective for equipment with a long operation cycle.

  3.High machining accuracy

  With the development of technology,all kinds of silicon nitride ceramic substrate manufacturers are very strict with their production process,so the technology and process make the processing accuracy of silicon nitride ceramic more and more high,and the products are better and better.

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