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Manufacture of PCCB Multilayer Buried Blind Plate

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  PCB multilayer buried blind hole plate is used in communication antenna,computer,industrial control,car,household appliances,microelectronics,medical instruments and other high-tech fields.How to make such multilayer printed circuit board?Let's take a look at"experience sharing of making PCCB multilayer embedded blind plate with small ceramic substrate".

  It is worth making circuit board.There are three kinds of holes on multilayer board:through hole,buried hole and blind hole.The blind hole is located on the top and bottom surface of printed circuit board and has a certain depth.It is used for the connection of surface circuit and bottom inner circuit.The depth of hole usually does not exceed a certain ratio(aperture).The buried hole refers to the hole made in the inner layer,which is invisible at the bottom of the table,and is used for inner layer signal interconnection.Generally used in mobile phones and PDA boards.The buried hole can reduce the probability of signal interference,maintain the continuity of transmission line characteristic impedance,and save the line space.It is suitable for high-density and high-speed circuit board design.

  Therefore,the above three kinds of holes should be used comprehensively in the design of multilayer buried blind hole plate.Generally,for components such as large capacitance,inductance and transistor that cannot be installed by surface mounting technology,through holes should be reserved(i.e.holes through the multilayer plate and the bottom layer).The buried holes and blind holes are only used as current paths(of course,through holes can also be used).When drawing the low diagram of multilayer circuit board by hand The most important thing is to ensure that the holes should be aligned.Usually,the method with high accuracy is to find a transparent plastic plate,first paste out the orientation of all holes and pads on it,and then cover the front with a piece of copper plate paper.The light source is taken from the bottom,and trace the pads and holes on the paper,and connect them with wires.Then draw the gourd on the back,and take photos of two pieces of paper to make the PCB bottom map,so that the hole coincidence is very good.Hole design is based on the circuit needs to add,generally in one side of the line can not complete the line conduction through the metallized hole to the back.Generally speaking,the lines on both sides should be straight to each other and try not to run in parallel.

  The above is the experience sharing of the small-scale ceramic substrate weaving on the production of the PCB multilayer blind hole plate.Therefore,the process of the multilayer blind hole plate is relatively complex,and the technology required is more sophisticated.

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