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Ceramic Substrate. What Is The Relationship Between Automobile Sensor and Ceramic Circuit Board

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Ceramic substrate.Automobile sensor is a chip driven component.With the development of artificial intelligence,the demand of automobile sensor will be more and more,and the demand of ceramic circuit board corresponding to it will rise accordingly.

  Automotive sensor market background:

  "There are more and more sensors in cars.The more automatic the car is,the more sensors it needs.Electrification,automation and intelligent networking technologies are also driving this demand."Fabrovsky said.He revealed that the number of car parts driven by chips is increasing,including parking support system,radar function,Lane adherence technology,speed detection and augmented reality technology,which need to install many sensors on the body and bumper.

  Bosch revealed that it has been producing semiconductors for the automotive industry since 1970.But things are changing rapidly.Bosch's new batch of advanced auto parts have a surge in demand for sensors and chips.Today,on average,more than 20 sensors are used per car.Fabrovsky predicts that in the next five years or so,the number will double or even triple.

Ceramic substrate

  This powerful chip is made of ceramic circuit board.There is a reason why the sensor uses ceramic PCB as the chip substrate.Let's see why we use ceramic substrate.

  The sensors on the car are basically on the control system,mainly collecting engine data,but the use environment of the car in the process of operation is very bad,high temperature,corrosion,dust and other factors may lead to the failure of weak sensors.At this time,ceramic PCB is needed to ensure the normal operation of the whole sensor.Sensor ceramic circuit board can resist high temperature and corrosion,which is a good"protective barrier"for automobile control system.

  Ceramic substrate.Of course,ceramic circuit board to match the needs of automotive sensors,in the production process also need to continue to break through,constantly reduce costs,to meet the needs of large-scale production.

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