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Ceramic Substrate. Do You Know What 99 Alumina Ceramic Substrate Is

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  I often hear many people say that 99 alumina ceramic substrate is different from ordinary ceramic plate?It's really different.Let's talk about this 99 alumina ceramic substrate today.

  99 alumina ceramic substrate background:

  PCB circuit board also has a history of more than 100 years.Many countries are looking for new materials to replace polymer materials to make PCB substrate.Later,the lower cost 96%alumina ceramic substrate was widely used.Now the larger 96%ceramic substrate manufacturers include Kyocera of Japan,coorstek of the United States,serantek of Germany,Guangdong Sanhuan group and Tsinghua Yueke.The 99.6%alumina ceramics with better properties than 96%alumina ceramics have never been produced in China.

  99 technical difficulty of alumina ceramic substrate:

  The production of ultra-thin substrate with 0.imm and below is a technical problem,which is also the technical difficulty of 99.6%alumina ceramic substrate production.It mainly lies in the configuration,forming,sintering and grinding of raw materials.The 96%alumina ceramic substrate is usually made of 99.9%alumina with silica,Suzhou clay and calcium carbonate to reduce the firing temperature and meet the requirements of plastic slurry for casting process.But the purity of 99.6%alumina ceramic substrate is high,the traditional raw materials can not meet the requirements,and even if the purity of alumina ceramic substrate is guaranteed,the traditional casting method and injection molding can not achieve the forming and sintering process of ceramic substrate with thickness of 0.imm and below.These technical problems cannot be occupied by many enterprises for many years.The application of the ceramic substrate in thick film circuit and thin film circuit has dealt with the major problems of the enterprise.

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