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What are the applications of ceramic substrates in power batteries?

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  Now more and more new energy sources on the market are moving towards electric power.In fact,it is this power battery that can provide power,so this lithium battery is used more,but it has a problem,which is its power.It is very large,and it is easy to generate heat during use,which will affect the car's endurance.If you want to make the electric car move forward safely,you still need to ensure the reliable use of the battery.How does the application of the ALN ceramic substrate on power batteries work?Then come to understand!
  1.How to use ALN ceramic substrate in battery system
  No matter what type of electric vehicle needs a power battery to provide power,then some liquid cooling devices need to be set in this device.It is embedded between the single cells,and the heat is passed through a thermally conductive insulation layer.Only when it can be transferred to the coolant,the flowing coolant is used to control the temperature of the battery pack,except that the ALN ceramic substrate is used outside the cooling layer.It is to effectively complete the lithium battery to generate a large amount of heat during work to achieve heat dissipation,but also to complete the conduction between the cells.The advantages of such a design are:it can complete the heat transfer between the battery cell and the liquid cooling pipe,and it can also require the characteristics of high thermal conductivity of the thermally conductive material.
  Between the heat-conducting interstitial materials,it can be ensured that there is no air residue,and the heat-conducting material can be required to have the property of geothermal resistance under a certain pressure,so that it will not affect the heat transfer.Then there is the battery pack as part of the electric vehicle,so it is necessary that the thermally conductive material can meet his application temperature standards and requirements.
  Of course,when using this,there is also a buffer battery pack that can be subjected to impact and shock absorption.This can successfully protect the battery cells.This way,it can protect the battery pack,and it can also reduce the module and the module.Shock,that's good.
  2,its use characteristics?
  It can have good thermal conductivity,and it can self-adhesive without the need for external adhesives.This reduces operating time and energy.At the same time,its high-pressure shrinkage properties can be soft and elastic,which is suitable for some low pressure Application environment.Then you can provide a lot of thickness options,and operate according to your actual needs,which is good for everyone.

  It can also be applied to all aspects of life,and I hope everyone can actively discover more benefits.

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