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What is the difference between ceramic substrate, ceramic metallization and ordinary PCB

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  Today is the age of Internet,all kinds of big data are available.When we choose products,we will make detailed analysis on the products we want to choose according to the big data provided by the Internet.By comparing the data,we can choose the products that are more suitable for us.The competition between ceramic substrate,ceramic metallized products and general PCB on the market has become white hot.Now we will compare the most common PCB and ceramic metallized products on the market to briefly analyze why the rising star ceramic metallized products have such strong market competitiveness.

  Raw material price comparison

  Material price is one of the most profitable aspects for manufacturers and sellers.The price of general PCB on the market will be different according to different raw materials.For example,the price of 94vo paper substrate FR-4 is 110-140 yuan/m2,and the price of cem-194hb single-sided paper substrate is also 500 yuan/m2.Generally,the price of fiberglass board is relatively low,for example,the price of FR-4 fiberglass board is 40-50 yuan/m2 in the range of 0.3-0.5mm.There is no significant difference between the price of epoxy resin and that of chemical fiber board.Of course,if the selected plate area is large,its price will change relatively.For example,the price of 3mm 500*1000 yellow epoxy is 50 yuan/piece.The price difference between the two sides also depends on the thickness,size and different process of the plate.

  Nowadays,the price of ceramic substrate is also uneven.According to the thickness,raw materials and production process of ceramic plate,the price required is also very different.The ceramic plates are divided into 92 alumina ceramic plates,95 alumina ceramic plates,96 alumina ceramic plates,99 alumina ceramic plates.Of course,there are silicon nitride ceramic plates,and 99 aluminum nitride ceramic plates.The prices of these ceramic plates are based on the thickness and size of the ceramic plates.For example,each 40*40*2mm IGBT substrate is about 3 yuan.Aluminum nitride ceramic plates will be relatively expensive.The price of 0632*0.632*0.2mm aluminum nitride ceramic is about 200 yuan.

  Compared with the price of ceramic board,the price of PCB board with the same volume is much cheaper,and it is more economical to use PCB board with the same volume.However,at the beginning of July this year,several companies,such as Shandong Jinbao,Jiantao,Mingkang,Willy bond and Jin'an Guoji,successively issued price raising notices for copper foil and copper clad laminate,with the increase of RMB 1000-2000 per ton for copper foil,RMB 10/piece for cardboard,RMB 5/piece for insulating glass fiber CCL and RMB 5/piece for board material.At the end of July,many PCB enterprises,such as Fujian MuLinSen lighting,Dongcheng Hongye,Morgan electronics and Haile electronics,issued the notice of PCB price increase,with an increase of almost 10%in all.Although the materials used in general PCB substrates are economical,such a large increase in price is obviously raising the price of corresponding products and compressing the profit of PCB substrates.

  Comparison of material properties

  In general PCB boards are cardboard,epoxy resin,fiberglass,except fiberglass,the rest are organic.Therefore,under the irradiation of cosmic rays,chemical reactions are easy to take place,and the molecular structure is changed to make the product deformed,so it can not be used in aerospace.

  Ceramic substrate,general PCB substrate is less dense and lighter than ceramic,which is conducive to long-distance transportation.Cardboard and epoxy board have high resistance and are not fragile.

  However,the general PCB board can't stand high temperature.The ignition point of paper is very low at 130℃.Even if the anti high temperature material is added,it can't change its characteristics of high temperature resistance.The ignition point of most epoxy resin is about 200℃,and its high temperature resistance is also weak.The end result is fiberglass.FR-4 fiberglass board is composed of high temperature resistant fiberglass and high heat resistant composite material.However,fiberglass material is toxic and has great damage to human body,so it is not desirable.

ceramic substrate

  Ceramic plate is an inorganic product,corrosion-resistant,high temperature resistant,can withstand the irradiation of cosmic rays,suitable for the selection of aerospace equipment and materials.

  The thermal conductivity of ceramic substrate is high,for example,the thermal conductivity of aluminum nitride ceramic plate is as high as 170~230W/M.K.the thermal conductivity of general PCB substrate is 1.0w/m.k.the thermal conductivity of ceramic substrate is about 200 times of that of general PCB substrate,which is undoubtedly the dew in the long drought.

  Ceramic substrate itself is an insulating material,and no insulating material is needed in the process of making ceramic substrate.In the production of ceramic metallized products,the bonding strength of ceramics and titanium metal can reach up to 45MPa,and copper and ceramics have more matching thermal expansion coefficient.Under the high temperature state,ceramic plate and metal layer can be firmly bonded together,without the falling of metal wire and ceramic plate.

  Although the ceramic plate is brittle,it has high mechanical hardness and small dielectric constant,so it can be used at high frequency.If used in the electronic communication industry,it can greatly reduce the signal loss rate.

  Ceramic substrate is resistant to high temperature and high breakdown voltage up to 2wv.In the face of sudden high voltage,it can not only ensure the normal operation of the equipment itself,but also ensure the safety of the operator.

  The ceramic plate has stable chemical properties,which can be widely used in the electronic products with corrosivity or need to be soaked in easily for a long time,such as automobile led sensors,and its performance is stable and reliable.

  Ceramic substrate,generally speaking,ceramic metallized products and general PCB products have their own advantages and disadvantages.They will have their own vast living space in different fields.However,with the demand of the market,the use of ceramic metallized products will be more extensive.As a new product,it has excellent performance and will be more competitive in the future market.

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