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DPC ceramics. Insulating material of power module silicon nitride substrate

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  At present,most of the power templates of DPC ceramics are designed and manufactured based on aluminum oxide or aluminum nitride ceramics.However,with the improvement of users'functional requirements for power modules,more and more manufacturers begin to consider using silicon nitride substrate instead of aluminum oxide and aluminum nitride ceramics.One of the driving factors is that more and more power templates need to adapt to the harsh environment.

  Advantages of silicon nitride substrate

  For example,a wind turbine in common use has an expected service life of about ten to fifteen years without any failure.Compared with the traditional alumina power module,the silicon nitride substrate as the power module insulation material can save about 40%power loss.Although silicon carbide,as an insulating material,can save more energy,it needs to be used in cooperation with silicon nitride substrate,which has higher cost.

  DPC ceramics and silicon nitride substrate have better bending strength,toughness and thermal conductivity.This makes it more powerful in the field of electronics,and brings great convenience to its thermal conductivity and thermal cycle.

DPC ceramics

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