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Ceramic substrate. Zirconia ceramic substrate is the best choice for aerospace vehicles

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  Once upon a time,there was a flying dream in the ancient myths and legends,but people never gave up on it.With the continuous progress of technology,from the launch of satellites to manned aviation,step by step completed the human dream of flying.Now,those aerospace technologies are more advanced and aircraft functions are more excellent.So what role does the zirconia ceramic substrate play?

  When a rocket is launched into the atmosphere and then a satellite or aircraft is launched into space.This process is driven by the rocket engine,and then the temperature in front of the turbine of the first stage engine is more than 1500℃,while the maximum service temperature of superalloy and metallization is less than 1200℃,so the zirconia ceramic substrate can meet the requirements.In the surrounding detection sensor will also be involved,although the temperature will be reduced,but there will be several Baidu,the general raw material circuit board will not be directly damaged,there will be a lack of function,greatly affecting the work of the sensor.However,zirconia ceramic substrate has high heat resistance and will not be affected.

  When breaking through the atmosphere,there will be a great external friction force,which will affect all kinds of internal sensors,including temperature,pressure and other sensors are most affected.From the outside comes not only great force,but also a lot of heat.In the pressure sensor,its accuracy is very important.If the internal circuit board is damaged due to external force,the pressure sensor will be abandoned.If zirconia ceramic substrate is in it,it will not be damaged at all because of its high wear resistance and compression resistance.

  At the same time,there are all kinds of radiation in space.These are very lethal to organic materials,and will produce chemical function variation.But the ceramic material is inorganic material,which has good function in radiation resistance and corrosion resistance.In addition,various sensors on the aircraft are also exposed to space,and the circuit system inside will be penetrated,so using zirconia ceramics as circuit board can extend its life.In space,it is in a low temperature state,usually tens of degrees below zero,which is useless for heat dissipation.So zirconia ceramic circuit board is the best choice.

ceramic substrate

  Zirconia ceramic substrate,I believe that with its addition,in the field of aerospace,aircraft will be able to fly higher and live longer in space!

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