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DPC ceramics. What are the advantages of copper substrate?

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DPC ceramics.Copper substrate is a kind of copper-clad metal copper substrate,which is very similar to the overall structure of aluminum substrate.It has outstanding thermal conductivity,electrical insulation and machining functions,including metal layer,bonding layer(insulation layer),conductive wiring layer,three factors are indispensable.

  The metal layer(block)is mainly used for heat dissipation,shielding and possible grounding.Because of the difference of the functions of copper and aluminum and the corresponding PCB Machinable process,copper substrate has more functional advantages than aluminum substrate.

  The functional advantages of copper substrate and aluminum substrate are different:

  1、Advantages of heat conduction function

  Under equal conditions:

  Aluminum base:about 200 W/M.K.

  Copper base:about 400 W/M.K.

  From the perspective of thermal conductivity,it can be seen that the heat dissipation advantage of copper substrate is better than that of aluminum substrate.

  2、PCB machining function advantages

  (1)Because the metal copper base can etch the precise figure by the way of etching the circuit,the copper base plate can be processed into a convex shape,so that it protrudes to the line layer or the patch layer and is flush with the patch surface,and the components can be directly attached to the convex plate to complete the excellent grounding and heat dissipation function;

  (2)Because of the PCB processing technology itself,the metallization can not be directly completed on the aluminum base(such as single-sided aluminum base plate),while the copper base can be processed into metallized holes,which makes the corresponding single panel or multi-layer backplane have excellent optional grounding function,and the copper itself has weldable function,so that the designed structural parts can be welded later,rather than selected The cooling effect of the heat sink will be much better.

  (3)Because the elastic modulus of copper and aluminum is different(the elastic modulus of copper is about 121000mpa,the elastic modulus of aluminum is 72000mpa),the corresponding warpage and expansion of copper substrate will be smaller than that of aluminum substrate,and the overall function will be more stable.DPC ceramics.

DPC ceramics

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