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Ceramic substrate. Why is copper rejection on PCB?

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  PCB is one of the indispensable parts of electronic equipment.It appears in every kind of electronic equipment.In addition to fixing all kinds of large and small parts,the main function of PCB is to let all parts connect electrically.Because the raw material of PCB is copper clad plate,copper rejection will occur in the PCB manufacturing process.What are the reasons for copper rejection of PCB?The following is a brief introduction of ceramic substrate.

  1.PCB circuit planning is unreasonable,using thick copper foil to plan too thin circuit will also lead to excessive etching and copper rejection.

  2.The copper foil is etched excessively.The electrolytic copper foil used in the market is generally single-sided galvanizing(commonly known as ashing foil)and single-sided copper plating(commonly known as red foil).The common copper rejection is generally more than 70UM of galvanized copper foil,and the red foil and the ashing foil below 18um have basically no batch copper rejection.

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  3.In the PCB process,local collision occurs,and the copper wire is separated from the base material by external mechanical force.The poor performance is poor positioning or directionality.The copper wire falling off will have significant distortion,or scratch/impact mark in the same direction.When the copper wire is peeled from the defective part,the color of the copper foil surface is normal without side corrosion,and the peeling strength of the copper foil is normal.

  4.Under normal ceramic substrate,the laminate only needs to be hot pressed for more than 30 minutes,and then the copper foil and the semi curing sheet are basically completely combined.Therefore,generally,the bonding will not affect the bonding force between the copper foil and the substrate in the laminate.However,in the process of lamination and stacking,if PP is polluted or the copper foil surface is damaged,the bonding force between the copper foil and the base material will be insufficient after lamination,forming positioning(only for the large plate)or sporadic copper wire falling off.However,the peeling strength of adjacent copper foil near the disconnection will not be abnormal.

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