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Ceramic substrate. What is the reason why aluminum nitride substrate becomes an ideal substrate material

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  Now,with the development of LED industry at home and abroad to high power,high density,high power and other directions,the development of heat dissipation materials with superior performance has become an urgent task to deal with the problem of LED heat dissipation.Ceramic substrate.Generally speaking,the luminous power and service life of LED will decrease with the increase of junction temperature.When the junction temperature reaches above 125℃,the LED will even fail.In order to keep the junction temperature of LED at a lower temperature,it is necessary to use heat dissipation substrate materials with high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance and reasonable packaging technology to reduce the overall thermal resistance of LED packaging.So the AlN substrate appears in the researchers'field of vision.

  The effect of AlN substrate is to absorb the heat generated by the chip and conduct it to the heat sink so as to complete the heat exchange with the outside of the chip.Therefore,as an ideal heat dissipation substrate of LED,it must have the following characteristics in physical properties,chemical properties and electrical properties:

  1.Good chemical stability and corrosion resistance.

  2.High thermal conductivity and coefficient of thermal expansion match the chip material.

  3.Low dielectric constant and loss.

  4.Good electrical insulation and high mechanical strength.

  5.Low price and easy to process.

  6.Low density and non-toxic.

  Ceramic substrate.These properties are consistent with the aluminum nitride substrate can play a significant role in the field of LED substrate.

Ceramic substrat

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