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Ceramic substrate. Identification method of high quality ceramic circuit board

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Ceramic substrate,ceramic circuit board is a new type of circuit board with ceramic as the substrate and a variety of different circuit components on the outside.It is widely used in the manufacturing of electronic industry.Because of its good heat conduction function,strong high-voltage resistance,stable chemical properties and many other advantages,it has gradually become an important part of the manufacturing and production of electronic products.With more and more products of ceramic circuit board,how to distinguish a good quality ceramic circuit board from many manufacturers and brands needs certain skills.

  1.Look at the raw materials of ceramic plate.Because ceramic PCB uses ceramic substrate as its circuit support board,the quality of its raw materials has a very important impact on the function and service life of ceramic PCB to a certain extent.The ceramic circuit board with guaranteed quality shall be made of ceramic substrate materials with stable chemical properties(high temperature resistance,strong acid and alkali resistance),high thermal conductivity and many outstanding quality.The parameter information in this respect can be learned by consulting with stone.

  2.Check whether the ceramic circuit board is made accurately.Because the ceramic circuit board belongs to the precise circuit board components,there are many resistance and capacitance components on the small area ceramic board.The high-quality ceramic circuit board requires strict requirements for the spacing and bonding tightness of electronic components.Of course,the high appearance flatness and flat edge of the ceramic circuit board can also reflect its processing quality.

  3.After trial use.One of the advantages of ceramic circuit board is its good heat conduction function,so as to ensure its high-voltage resistance and economic use.The manufacturer can let the circuit board work for a period of time,and then cut off the power supply to stop its work,test its temperature and the current flow speed of the whole circuit.If the temperature is too high,it means that its heat conduction function is poor,and it is not a ceramic circuit board with good quality.

  4.Understand the information of ceramic circuit board proofing manufacturer.Ceramic substrate.The manufacturers of ceramic circuit boards are regular,large-scale and with various qualifications,which often means that their production and manufacturing are subject to formal and strict production processes and requirements,and the selection of raw materials will be ensured,which means that they are ceramic circuit boards with quality certification.Of course,at the same time,they should also understand the corresponding brand reputation and users of ceramic circuit boards Evaluation,these two aspects of information can also directly show the quality of ceramic circuit board to a certain extent.

Ceramic substrate

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