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DPC ceramics, what is led superconducting aluminum substrate?

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DPC ceramics.Led superconducting aluminum substrate is an insulating substrate for high-power LED heat dissipation.It can effectively reduce the operating temperature of the product,improve the power density and reliability of the product,and extend the service life of the product.It is mainly used in STK series power amplification hybrid integrated circuit,motorcycle,automobile electronics,LED lighting and other fields.

  Led superconducting aluminum substrate is a kind of metal circuit board with good heat dissipation function,which is generally composed of circuit layer(copper foil),insulation layer and metal substrate.Common in LED lighting products,there are both sides,the white side is welded with LED pin,and the other side is aluminum color,which will generally contact with the heat-conducting part after coating the heat-conducting gel.

  DPC ceramics.Led superconducting aluminum substrate is also the meaning of printed circuit board,but the material of circuit board is aluminum alloy.Before,our general circuit board material was glass fiber,but because of the large heat generation of LED,the circuit board for LED lamps is generally aluminum substrate,which can conduct heat rapidly.

DPC ceramics

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