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DPC ceramics. What are the performance advantages of copper based automotive light source?

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  1.SMT and DPC ceramics are used.

  2.In the circuit design scheme,the heat diffusion is effectively treated;

  3.Reduce the operating temperature of the product,improve the power density and reliability of the product,and extend the service life of the product;

  4.Reduce product volume,reduce hardware and assembly costs;

  5.Replace the fragile ceramic substrate to obtain better mechanical durability.

  Function advantages of copper substrate for automobile light source

  1,the main advantage of copper substrate is relatively common substrate in circuit components.Because of many products with high power density and many components in the circuit,some substrates can resist aging and mechanical and thermal stress.However,copper substrate can play a good role in heat dissipation.

  2.The raw material of copper substrate is mainly copper substrate,because its heat dissipation effect is better than aluminum and iron.

  3、DPC ceramics.Compared with the aluminum substrate,the main raw material of the aluminum substrate is aluminum,which has a high thermal resistance value,and the heat dissipation is not obvious in the use process,while the copper material has a better heat dissipation effect and can ensure the stability of the product.

DPC ceramics

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