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Ceramic substrate. What are the hazards of PCB board deformation?

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  Damage of PCB board deformation

  In the automatic surface mounting line,if the circuit board is not flat,it will cause positioning prohibition,and components cannot be inserted or attached to the holes and surface mounting pads of the board,or even damage the automatic inserting machine.The circuit board installed with the components has twists and turns after welding,and the component feet are difficult to cut flat and even.Ceramic substrate.The board can't be installed on the case or the socket inside the machine,so the assembly plant is also very worried about the board warpage.Now the surface mounting technology is developing towards high precision,high speed and intelligence,which puts forward higher flatness requirements for PCB as the home of various components.

  In the IPC standard,it is specially pointed out that the maximum allowable deformation of PCB with surface mount device is 0.75%,and that of PCB without surface mount device is 1.5%.In fact,in order to meet the needs of high-precision and high-speed mounting,some electronic assembly manufacturers have more stringent requirements on deformation.

Ceramic substrate

  PCB board is composed of copper foil,resin,glass cloth and other materials.The physical and chemical functions of each material are different.At the same time,thermal stress residues will inevitably occur after pressing,leading to deformation.Ceramic substrate.At the same time,in the process of PCB processing,it will go through various processes such as high temperature,mechanical cutting,wet treatment,etc.,which will also have an important impact on the deformation of the board.In a word,the causes of PCB deformation are complex and diverse.How to reduce or eliminate the deformation caused by different material characteristics or processing has become one of the most complex problems faced by PCB manufacturers.

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