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Ceramic substrate. 5g will help further development of ceramic substrate industry

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  With the continuous acceleration of the step of communication iteration and upgrading,4G will enter the later cycle time,5g will help the ceramic substrate manufacturing industry to further develop the trend and prosper the ceramic substrate sales market.At this stage,4G Internet has been basically covered all over the world,and operators have entered the cycle time after 4G.As of the third quarter of 2017,644 LTE public networks have been completed in 200 countries and regions in the world,with LTE users reaching 2.31 billion,with an average of one LTE customer in every four mobile phone users.As of the first half of 2017,the total output of 4G base stations in China has reached 3.41 million,and the number of 4G customers has reached 885 million,accounting for 65%.

  According to the progress of 5g technology research and development,standard formulation and user number improvement,5g project investment is divided into four links:theme style warming link(17 years),important link project investment link of the whole industrial chain(2018-2023),advanced 5g technology improvement link(2023-2024)and later 5g link(after 2024).

ceramic substrate

  In November 2017,the Research Report on 5g transmission network market was successively published by three major operators in China.At the end of November 2017,4gpp was in accordance with NSA(non independent Networking)specifications.In 2018,it is hoped to enter the project investment link of the important link of the whole industrial chain:(1)5g transmission network architecture level,which is relative to the secondary architecture of RRU and BBU of 4G access network.5g will evolve into the tertiary architecture of AAU,Du and Cu,which is divided into three parts:front transmission,middle transmission and back transmission.5g transmission network framework dust settled,and the whole industrial chain of optical fiber communication(optical machine equipment optical fiber optical module)benefited greatly;at the level of 5g framework and air port principle specification,NSA specification was carried out in November 2017,and the technology of 5g air port scale wireless antenna(massivemimo)and active wireless antenna(AAU)may be widely introduced.These two technicalities are all based on the basic design of AlN ceramic substrate.

  At the level of optical machine equipment,in the 5g period,the Internet volume of optical machine equipment at the core layer will be upgraded in all directions.In addition,the application scope of OTN optical machine equipment will be expanded from the current technology backbone layer and metropolitan area layer to the post transmission,middle transmission and even front transmission at the connection layer.According to the basic calculation,the light machine equipment in 5g period will keep at least 50%improvement.At the optical module level,5g base station will apply 25g/50g/100g high-speed optical module.Cheerful estimates that the market capacity of 25g optical modules is expected to be 15 billion dollars,and that of 50g/100g optical modules is expected to be 25 billion dollars.Compared with 4G,5g is equivalent to reshaping a new sales market of optical modules.At the optical fiber level,because the 5g transmission network increases the intermediate transmission control loop,Du and Cu are distributed separately and interconnected with optical fiber lines,the demand of the front transmission optical fiber lines of the communication base station in 5g period may be twice of 4G,and the covering relative density of the communication base station in 1.5 times is fully considered.The total output of 5g optical fiber lines is expected to be 3 times of 4G.

  5g RF front-end includes antenna vibrator,ceramic substrate,filter,PA(power amplifier)and other key components.Due to the wide application of mass MIMO technology and AAU technology,there will be three major changes in RF front-end:

  (1)When the number of safe channels is increased,the removal rate of RF devices is doubled;

  (2)The labor volume of RF devices is increased;

  (3)The internal labor of RF front-end is transferred to ceramic substrate,filter and power amplifier(PA).According to people's calculation,the market capacity of 5g RF front-end can be 4 times of 4G,with a total investment of more than 250 billion yuan.Among them,the technical level of local producers of ceramic substrate and upstream and downstream industries is still good,and it is hoped to occupy a large market share in the world driven by equipment manufacturers.
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