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Let everyone know more about the current status and future of ceramic substrates

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  In the current era of electronic devices,basically everyone has their own electronic products.The current electronic products are not only limited to computer phones,but also promoted by Internet of Things technologies such as cars and home furniture.It became an"electronic product".The Internet of Things,the basic Internet of Things technology,has been developing rapidly.Which autonomous driving,smart home systems,and smart wearable devices are like spring flowers.They gather together and bloom.Naturally,this is also the"early spring"of electronic device processing and manufacturing.
  But why is the“early spring”of the electronic device processing and manufacturing industry coming so late?There are many factors involved in this,such as the implementation of the development strategy of"Made in China 2025",such as the arrival of"Industrial Production 4.0"and the arrival of ceramic substrates.In 2017,Premier Li Keqiang announced that he clearly proposed the definition of"Made in China 2025",which had already been issued by the State Council in 2016,but before 2017,the processing and manufacturing industries in China were all in a relatively weak influence.Processing and manufacturing Industry is the main body of social and economic behavior,the foundation of building a country,the instrument for rejuvenating the country,and the foundation for strengthening the country.Since the opening of industrial civilization in the mid-eighteenth century,the history of the rise and fall of world powers and the growth history of the Chinese nation has repeatedly confirmed that without a strong processing and manufacturing industry,there would be no country and the prosperity of the Chinese nation.Creating a competitive manufacturing industry is an inevitable choice for China to improve China's overall national strength,ensure national defense security,and basically build a world power.A new round of information revolution and industrial chain transformation has been quietly produced.Everyone must firmly grasp this important and huge historical time opportunity before they can turn the basic construction in China into a manufacturing powerhouse that promotes the development trend of the global processing and manufacturing industry.Laying a solid foundation for the completion of the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation’s national rejuvenation.
  In China's processing and manufacturing industry,there is a very critical manufacturing industry,called the raw material manufacturing industry.The research and development of new materials has an imposing hazard on the manufacturing process in China.Like the ceramic substrate manufacturing industry mentioned shortly,it belongs to the manufacturing industry where new material products are developed.Every new material product development that fits the sales market has been able to start an iterative wave of updates in the electronics industry.Ceramic substrates are not listed.
  The benefits of using ceramic substrates?
  At this stage,the PCBs currently on the market can be divided into three types from the raw material categories:general base steel plates,metal material base steel plates and ceramic substrates.The general base steel plate is the computer motherboard in the computer that everyone usually sees in the mobile phone.The computer motherboard is all general epoxy resin-based steel plate.The advantage is that it is beneficial to the design scheme and the cost is cheap.So far it is still used in a large area.

  There are three key metal-based steel plates:aluminum substrate,copper-based steel plate,and iron-based steel plate.Since iron-based steel plates are counted as a fallacy and have no application store,they are gradually being forgotten by everyone.The aluminum substrate is the most used base steel plate among metal material base steel plates at this stage.The aluminum base plate has a thermal conductivity higher than 10 times that of the epoxy resin base steel plate.Therefore,copper base steel plates with high power electronic components are generally used Similarly for aluminum substrates,the thermal conductivity of copper-based steel plates is better than aluminum substrates.

Let everyone know more about the current status and future of ceramic substrates

  Ceramic substrates can be divided into two types according to raw materials:aluminum oxide ceramic substrates and aluminum nitride ceramic substrates.The thermal conductivity of the aluminum oxide ceramic substrate is similar to that of the metal material-based steel plate and 100 times that of the epoxy resin-based steel plate.The thermal conductivity of the aluminum nitride ceramic substrate is 10 times that of the aluminum oxide ceramic substrate.100 times of metal material-based steel plate,1000 times of epoxy resin-based steel plate.In addition to thermal conductivity,ceramic substrates also have many advantages of structural ceramics,such as high pressure resistance,heat resistance,corrosion resistance,and low dielectric loss.
  Structured ceramics have been developed by General Electric in the United States as early as 1943,but why has it been so many years before the use of ceramic substrates in China and the world?
  Why is the ceramic substrate not being used after being dragged again and again?
  As early as in 1982,the United States and the United States General Electric had already developed a ceramic substrate,and it has been more than one and a half new centuries so far,so a long time has not been popularized,and the reasons involved in it are very Many,let's just look at the development trend of ceramic substrates in China.
  The development trend of ceramic substrates in China began after 2001.In 2005,China 842 Research Institute announced that its products had developed its own ceramic substrates in China,which means that in China,it is announced that the technical blockade of ceramic substrates will be improved.The ceramic substrate independently developed and manufactured in China is only 13 years ago.These 13 years are exactly the 13 years of China’s rapid and glorious experience.In China’s electronic device processing and manufacturing industry,it has experienced great Transformation,ceramic substrates are not listed.
  In the past,Chinese ceramic substrate technology was blocked overseas,and the application basis of Chinese ceramic substrates was all imported.Internationally,the key to the ceramic substrate sales market is occupied by companies such as Japan Kyocera,Seoul Semiconductor,and the United States Rogers.China also imports ceramic substrates from In Japan and South Korea.If these import tariff freight logistics are calculated,the cost will be too high,resulting in the products that everyone's ceramic substrates participate in,and they cannot obtain advantages from the cost.
  This kind of situation has been similar until 2013,and after 2012,the research and development of ceramic substrate products in various scientific research institutions in China has been very perfect,plus the country's application for the transformation of high-tech scientific and technological achievements,domestic ceramic substrates began to officially start sales.In the market,among them,the products manufactured by the ceramic substrate manufacturers led by Stonestone have already been able to compete with the international large-scale factories.
  The use of domestic ceramic substrates has been delayed and not started not only because of the imperfect scientific research technology,but also because of the sales market.
  Everyone knows that the application stores of ceramic substrates are mainly high-power electronic components.The bases of high-power electronic components are all high-end commodities in electronic products.They are one of the best in the scale of electronic device processing and manufacturing in China.There are no advantages in high-tech high-end products,which immediately causes everyone to use ceramic substrates even if they are released on the sales market.Whether it is the electronic market or scientific research technology,it is all a matter of course.
  Ceramic substrate enters powerfully and wins the disadvantage!
  In the past,when overseas high-end ceramic substrates were in charge of the Chinese sales market,everyone at that time unexpectedly also had a well-known domestic brand.Under the same basic steel plate,China's cost can be 40%lower than that of imports.What is the definition of 40%,so that high-end power equipment in China can enter the international arena.
  If it is just a cost advantage,domestic ceramic substrates are not enough to compete with international giants.The top priority is in key technologies.Domestic ceramic substrates have undergone two years of cumulative consideration.In the comparison of products of the same model specifications,The average value of domestic product characteristics is 10%higher.In other words,in terms of high cost performance,the domestic market has already begun to take advantage.
  to sum up:
  At this stage,China has already deployed its own ceramic substrate sales market,and it will not be long before the credit is resolved.It will solve the embarrassing situation that the foundation of China's ceramic substrates is controlled by other countries.on.
  Ceramic substrates are undoubtedly the future development trend of the electronics industry.Such development trends are also inevitable.Although it seems that at this stage,there are many difficult reasons that are blocking everyone's progress.With the promotion of the"China Manufacturing 2025"development strategy,all obstacles are insufficient.The period of ceramic substrates will eventually come,and a new chapter will be opened in the manufacture of electronic devices in China.
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