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What is the application of high thermal conductivity ceramic substrate in automobile headlights

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  The low beam and high beam of the car,and the external lights,in addition to showing the lighting fixtures,can also communicate with other drivers according to the replacement of the high and low beam lights.At this stage,many cars fully consider the regulations of heat pipe heat dissipation and characteristics and select ceramic substrates as the key components of the lamp.
  Types and advantages of car headlights
  There are three key types of car headlights:halogen headlights,xenon lights,and LED headlights.All three have advantages.The halogen headlights have a simple structure,low cost,and strong penetration in foggy weather,but the relative brightness of direct light is relatively high.Low,resulting in large calorific value;xenon lamp is brighter,longer life,less power consumption,brighter,but the fog weather temperature penetration is not strong,can not be turned on and turned on;LED headlights are more comprehensive The advantage of the former is that it is whiter than the xenon lamp and the halogen lamp,and there is no delay in starting.The only problem is that the heat pipe is difficult to dissipate heat and the cost is relatively high.
  LED aluminum nitride ceramic substrate.jpg
  LED headlights have heat pipe heat dissipation problems in automotive headlight applications
  But in the eyes of the big Audi"Audi car",the problem of LED is probably not a problem.It is still used smoothly,and even promoted a wave of fashion trends in the industry.In order to ensure the sales market of the industry and its influence,each car manufacturer is also competing to catch up with the"lamp factory"Audi as its overall goal.It has spent enough time on the car headlights.The LED headlights have been here for two years.More and more can be described as unique.But after all,auto companies are unlikely to really care about LED defects.Because the brightness of the LED headlights is linked to the output power,the greater the output power,the higher the temperature.If the heat pipe cannot be dissipated immediately,the brightness attenuation coefficient will be accelerated.
  Now that LEDs are difficult for heat pipes to dissipate,is it enough to show them a standard that is conducive to heat pipe heat dissipation?In a feasible way,the meticulous cooling design scheme and the actual effect of the increase of the heat pipe radiator are not ideal,and only the heat pipe heat dissipation base steel plate can have the most ideal practical effect.The function of the LED heat pipe heat dissipation base steel plate is to digest and absorb the heat caused by the integrated IC,and transfer it to the heat sink,and then complete the external heat exchanger with the integrated IC.
  LED ideal heat pipe heat dissipation base steel plate must have what characteristics:
  The ideal heat pipe heat dissipation base steel plate used as LED must have the following good characteristics in terms of chemical properties,physical properties,and electrical characteristics:
  1.Excellent organic chemical reliability and corrosion resistance.
  2.High thermal conductivity,linear expansion coefficient is consistent with the chip material.
  3.Low thermal conductivity and dielectric loss.
  4.Good dielectric strength and high impact toughness.
  5.High quality,low price,easy production and processing.

  6.The relative density is small and non-toxic.

What is the application of high thermal conductivity ceramic substrate in automobile headlights

  What is the heat-dissipating base steel plate for LED heat pipe of automobile headlights commonly used in the market at this stage?
  In the automobile headlight manufacturing industry,there are three key base steel plates,aluminum substrate,aluminum nitride base steel plate,and aluminum oxide base steel plate.Although the heat transfer capability of the aluminum substrate is higher than that of the plastic-based steel plate,it still needs a better heat pipe heat dissipation design solution for pairing when used in car headlights,otherwise the junction temperature will still be very high,and The cost of cooling fans will be much higher;the cost of aluminum oxide-based steel plates is lower,and the heat pipe heat dissipation is much harder than that of aluminum substrates.Al2O3-based steel plates are already inadequate.
  Coefficient of linear expansion and thermal conductivity of universally powerful LED package base steel plate
  The maximum heat transfer of aluminum nitride ceramic substrate is the best choice for automobile headlight LED heat pipe heat dissipation base steel plate
  The above report shows that the thermal conductivity of the aluminum nitride ceramic substrate is very high,and the thermal conductivity is 10 times similar to that of the aluminum oxide-based steel plate.Second,the aluminum nitride ceramic substrate also has very high dielectric strength,A series of advantages such as thermal deformation technology that is more paired with LED lamp beads.It is the best choice for high-power car lights.And not only car headlights,but also the use of aluminum nitride ceramic substrates in cars,such as various controllers and various high-power modules for unmanned vehicles,etc.,the industry prospects are very good.
  Good commodity plates involve the production and processing of aluminum nitride ceramic substrates,manufacturing routes,openings and other processing technology regulations.The production technology of the supporting facilities must be available before the manufacturing department can sell the products required by the market.A large number of high heat transfer ceramic substrate problems can consult Jin Ruixin special power circuit.
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