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The application of ceramic substrates promotes the development of sensors towards intelligence

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  As the core component of intelligent products of automation technology,sensor technology is the basic and key to the development trend of intelligent manufacturing systems.It is widely used in all walks of life in social and economic development,especially in the industrial equipment manufacturing industry has been widely used.At this stage,the controller is following the trend of rapid development in miniaturization,intelligence,intelligent systems,specialization and digitization.The controllers you have mastered,such as automotive sensors,will also be applied to ceramic circuit boards with the promotion of intelligent systems.Therefore,the processing of ceramic circuit boards has become a key aspect of the development trend of many PCBPCB circuit board manufacturers.
  Aluminum nitride ceramic circuit board
  Ceramic circuit board is the hardware configuration of sensor technology.How is it different from general aluminum substrate and copper-based steel plate?

  Aluminum substrates are used in the manufacturing industry of general redox potential heat LDE is two-sided aluminum substrates or single-sided aluminum substrates,the price is more cost-effective.Generally made on both sides,although imported PP is used,because the dielectric strength of the wood board is also weakened after the application of thermal conductive adhesive,the aluminum substrate is one-tenth of the ceramic circuit board in terms of heat transfer work ability;

DPC Ceramics

  Copper-based steel plate,even if it is made of electric heating and separated,some LED manufacturing industries also use copper-based steel plate,if the position of the car sensor is used,it is still insufficient.Automotive sensors are in a high-temperature,high-corrosion natural environment,which must be replaced by stronger heat transfer and dielectric strength,and corrosion-resistant circuit boards.
  It is precisely because the ceramic circuit board is different from the traditional FR-4(wave fiber),aluminum substrate and copper-based steel plate.Ceramic raw materials have excellent high-frequency characteristics and electrical characteristics,and have characteristics not found in organic chemical-based steel plates,such as high thermal conductivity,organic chemical reliability and high heat resistance.They are a new generation of integrated circuit chips and their output Ideal packaging raw materials for power electronics control modules.
  Ceramic circuit board is the key to promote the development trend of controller intelligent system or the characteristics of ceramic circuit board household appliances:
  1.Higher thermal conductivity
  2.More matched linear expansion coefficient heat transfer coefficient can be completed 50~190
  3.Stronger,lower resistance ceramic membrane
  Divided into alumina ceramic circuit board and aluminum nitride ceramic substrate
  4.The base steel plate has good weldability and high application temperature
  5.Good dielectric strength
  6.High frequency loss is small 7.Can be assembled with high density
  8.Without organic components,resistant to cosmic rays,high reliability in the aerospace level,long use period
  9.The copper layer has no air oxide layer and can be used in the long-term application in an oxidizing atmosphere
  Automobile sensors are very critical parts of the car.It is a wise choice to use ceramic circuit boards.There are no more than five ceramic PCB proofing manufacturers nationwide.In Guangdong,the service facilities and supply chain management are more complete.
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