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What is the knowledge of ceramic substrate? You don't know

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  High frequency circuit board is generally used in the field of high-end applications,and the raw material manufacturing process is much higher than the general requirements.How to make high-frequency circuit board?Now small editors share the professional knowledge of manufacturing level together:

  First of all,let's take a look at what constitutes a high frequency circuit board and what are the key points in making it?

  The key components of the circuit board are welding layer,through hole,installation hole,transmission line,components,connector,charging,electrical equipment boundary,etc.the key functions of each component are as follows:

  Welding layer:used to weld the metal hole of component pin.

  Vias:there are metal vias and non-metal vias,in which the metal vias are used to connect the pins of the intermediate components of each layer.

  Mounting hole:used to fix the fixed circuit board.

  Power transmission line:the Internet copper film used to connect the pins of components and parts.

  Connector:components used for intermediate connection of circuit board.

  Charging:used for laying copper on the ground wire Internet,which can reasonably reduce the characteristic impedance.

  Limit of electrical equipment:used to define the specification of circuit board.All components on circuit board shall not exceed the limit.

  In fact,let's understand the basic principle of high frequency circuit board and how to make high frequency circuit board

  In the design of high frequency circuit,the design of switching power supply in layer mode is much better than that in system bus mode in most cases,so that the control circuit can always follow the relative path with the least characteristic impedance.In addition,the power board has to show a data signal control loop for all the data signals generated and received on the PCB,which can reduce to the lowest data signal control loop,thereby reducing noise,which is often ignored by the low-frequency circuit principle staff.

  In the design of high frequency PCB,we should follow the following standards:

  The unity and stability of switching power supply and ground.

  Carefully considered wiring and suitable terminations can remove the reflective surface.

  Careful consideration of cabling and proper termination can reduce capacitive and rational crosstalk.

  Noise must be restrained to consider EMC regulations

Ceramic Substrate

  Again:take a look at the requirements of raw materials for high frequency circuit board manufacturing

  1.The dielectric loss(DF)must be small,which is critical to the quality of data signal transmission.The smaller the dielectric loss,the smaller the data signal loss.

  2.The lower the water absorption capacity is,the higher the water absorption capacity is,the more harmful the relative permittivity and dielectric loss will be when the moisture returns.

  3.The relative permittivity(DK)must be small and stable.Generally,the lower the transmission speed of the data signal is,the inverse ratio of the square root of the relative permittivity of the raw material is.High relative permittivity is very easy to cause the transmission delay time of the data signal.

  4.The coefficient of thermal expansion should be consistent with that of copper berths as much as possible.Because of the inconsistency,copper berths will be separated in the hot cold transition.

  5.Other temperature resistance,chemical resistance,impact compressive strength and tensile strength must also be excellent.

  In general,high frequency can be defined as the frequency above 1GHz.At present,the most frequently used high frequency is the fluorine based material substrate,such as polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE),commonly known as Teflon.

  Finally,the key points of high frequency circuit board processing must be paid attention to

  1、The regulation of characteristic impedance operation is strict,and the control of relative figure boundary is strict,and the general dimension tolerance is about two percent.

  2.Because of the unique plate,the adhesion of PTH copper deposition is not high.Generally,it must rely on plasma processing machinery and equipment to roughen the surface of the hole and surface to improve the adhesion of PTH hole copper and resistance welding ink.

  3.Do not grind the plate before resistance welding,otherwise the adhesion will be very poor,only coarsening with micro etching solution.

  4.Most of the plates are made of polytetrafluoroethylene.There will be many burrs when forming with general turning tools,so special turning tools are needed.

  5.High frequency circuit board is a special circuit board with high electromagnetic induction frequency.Generally speaking,high frequency can be defined as the frequency above 1GHz.

  Its various process performance,precision and performance parameters are highly regulated,which are commonly used in car anti-collision system software,communication satellite system software,wireless communication system software and other industries.
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