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What is the application scope and structure of DPC ceramic single-sided aluminum substrate

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  Single and double-sided aluminum based PCB board is a kind of unique metal aluminum-based copper-clad laminate,which has excellent heat transfer,dielectric strength of electrical equipment,machining and manufacturing characteristics,and it is widely used in the circuit principle plan scheme to carry out extremely reasonable solutions for three external diffusion,reduce the operation rate of goods,show the relative density of product function rate,credibility and increase the service life of goods Small commodity volume,reduce the cost of hardware configuration and installation;replace the easily broken ceramic substrate,get stronger mechanical equipment durability,suitable for surface mount technology,and other electronic equipment industries.Let's take a look at the organization and application of single and double-sided solar cells.

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  1、Structure of single and double-sided solar cells

  The structure of single and double-sided aluminum-clad laminate is composed of copper foil,material layer,metal aluminum plate and protective film.Its structure is divided into four layers.

  Copper foil layer:it is equal to the polyimide film layer of general single and double sided PCB.Generally,PCB circuit board is produced through screen printing and etching process,which makes each component of components connect with each other.In general,the power circuit layer is required to have a very large current carrying capacity,so the copper foil with a thickness of(10z~100z)should be applied

  Material layer:

  The material layer is the key technology of solar cell,which can be stored in three material ways:a.the material layer is made of foil glass cloth,which is like the material layer of double-layer PCB,with low base heat transfer coefficient and high heat transfer coefficient;B.the material layer is composed of unique high polymer added by industrial ceramics,with small heat transfer coefficient,high viscoelasticity and thermal resistance It bears high mechanical equipment and welding stress.Its thickness is 50~150um;C,the way of mixing the semi dry solid sheet and the coating structure.

Ceramic Substrate

  Metal solar cell

  Metal solar cells are made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy profiles.They are suitable for drilling,longitudinal cutting and laser cutting.The thickness is 0.8~6.0um.

  Protective film

  It is a layer of OPP protective film selected to avoid the scratch on the reverse side of solar cells and environmental pollution.The film is divided into two types:one is dark blue protective film,which is not heat-resistant;the other is dark brown high-temperature protective film,which is resistant to drilling and tin spraying,with a film thickness of 35um.

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  2、Single and double-sided solar cells are mostly used in electronic equipment industry:

  1.Car electronic products:igniter,voltage regulator,full-automatic safety automatic control system,communication AC air conditioning exchanger.

  2.Motorcycle electronic equipment:igniter,switching power controller,AC voltage regulator

  3.Working voltage machine equipment:power switch controller,switch,high power resistor,solar switch power base plate

  4.Communication electronic products:car phone,filter circuit

  5.Electronic device control:automobile relay,network switch,heat pipe radiator,motor controller

  6.Lighting lamps:LED Wall lighting lamps,led performance stage and other lighting lamps;home LED lighting

  7.Electrical products:soft starter,LED light strip,gas controller,IC chip media.
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