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What is the trend of the development of the ceramic circuit board industry?

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  In comparison with other PCBs,ceramic circuit boards are considered as a substitute for the older generation of substrates,which can perfectly replace metal substrates and transparent substrates.Because of its high heat transfer,high insulation layer,stronger thermal deformation matching index and other characteristics,it has become a sought-after in the high-power lighting industry.

  How to reduce the thermal resistance of the LED ceramic substrate is one of the most critical issues to improve the luminous efficiency of LEDs.According to its route,it can be distinguished into thick-film ceramic substrates,ultra-low temperature co-fired ceramics,plastic film ceramic substrates and its laser metal.Technicality.

  Ceramic circuit board

  To improve the LED luminous efficiency and service life,dealing with the heat exhaustion problem of LED commodities is one of the most important problems at present.The development trend of the LED industry chain is also based on high-power,high-brightness,small-size LED commodities.Therefore,showing a heat-dissipating substrate with high heat dissipation and high-precision specifications has become a trend in the future of LED heat-dissipating substrates.At present,it is popular for development and design to improve the luminous efficiency of LEDs by the methods of aluminum nitride substrates and aluminum oxide substrates.Under this development trend,the alignment accuracy of the heat dissipation substrate itself is extremely stringent,and it needs to have the characteristics of high heat dissipation,small specifications,and strong metal route combination.Therefore,the use of Slitton laser equipment will change It is the key relative path that drives LEDs to continue to increase in high power.

Ceramic Substrate

  Future ceramic circuit boards must go out of the arms of LEDs to embrace the arrival of the new industrial revolution.

  At present,the larger application of ceramic circuit boards is still in the LED industry.I don’t know the horror of the PCB sales market.On the eve of the arrival of the big data era,ceramic circuit boards should be well prepared for the response.The main purpose of artificial intelligence technology integration IC or Will become a new territory of ceramic circuit boards,LED industry is always the swaddle of ceramic circuit boards.

  In the context of China’s manufacturing of 2050,the PCB manufacturing industry must also keep pace.During the period when data and information are king,ceramic circuit boards must also be continuously upgraded to keep up with the pace of the technological revolution.
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