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What are the lamination methods for PCB multilayer boards?

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  PCB solid wood multilayer board is a relatively complicated circuit board,and there are many ways of laminating.What kind of lamination method is better for PCB solid wood multilayer board?Today,we will share with you what lamination method and what are the advantages of each;

  12-layer double-layer PCB board

  KraftPaper wrapping paper

  When solid wood multilayer board or plate board is pressed(laminated),more packaging paper is used as the heat conduction buffer.It is placed between the heating plate(Platern)and the steel plate of the laminating machine to ease the temperature-raising curve closest to the bulk material.A plurality of substrates or solid wood multilayer boards to be pressed are placed in the middle.As far as possible,pull in the temperature difference of each layer of the board.The common specifications are 90 pounds to 150 pounds.Because the chemical fiber in the paper has been crushed after ultra-high pressure,it is no longer malleable and cannot fully function,so we must find ways to replace it.This kind of packaging paper is to cook the fir with various strong acid solutions.After the volatile organic compounds escape and the acids are removed,water washing and precipitation are carried out;after it becomes a paper paddle,it can be suppressed again.It becomes a matte and cost-effective paper.

  KissPressure kiss pressure,bottom pressure

  When the solid wood multi-layer board is pressed,when the plates in each opening are placed accurately,it will start to heat up and start from the hot plate of the bottom layer,and lift up with a super powerful hydraulic jack(Ram)In order to carry out the bonding with the loose materials in each opening being pressed.At this time,the film used for fusion(Prepreg)has just begun to slowly soften and even flow,and the common working pressure of the squeeze can not be very large to prevent the plate from being dragged or the mold clamping force discharged too much.This kind of initial selection of lower working pressure(15~50PSI)is called"kiss pressure".However,when the epoxy resin in each film bulk material becomes soft and gelatinized by heat,and it is about to harden,it needs to be raised to the full working pressure(300~500PSI),so that each bulk material is closely linked to form a strong Solid wood multilayer board

  FoilLamination copper foil pressing method

  Refers to mass-produced solid wood multilayer board,the surface layer of copper foil and film is immediately pressed with the inner layer skin,and it becomes a three-row board of solid wood multilayer board.Large and medium-sized pressing method(MassLam)to replace the initial single-sided thin substrate Traditional suppression

  Crease folds

  In the pressing of solid wood multilayer board,it often refers to the wrinkles caused by improper treatment of copper skin.Thin copper skins below 0.5oz are more prone to such defects when laminated

DPC Ceramics


  It refers to the traditional lamination method of the initial double-layer PCB board.At that time,the"surface layer"of MLB was laminated and laminated with thin substrates with single-sided copper skin.It was not changed until the production of MLB surged at the end of 1984.The current standard copper-skin type large and medium-sized or many pressing methods(MssLam).This kind of initial MLB pressing method using a single-sided copper skin thin substrate is called CapLamination

  Dent dent

  PCB solid wood multilayer board

  refers to the relief on the copper surface that relieves the symmetry,which will be caused by the part of the common steel plate that is pressed out a little like a protrusion.If the edge of the broken block is neatly lowered,it is called DishDown.If this defect remains in the route after the copper erosion,the characteristic impedance of the point-to-point transmission signal will be unstable,and noise will appear.Therefore,the copper surface of the substrate should minimize such defects.

  Autoclave pressure cooker

  It is a vessel filled with high-temperature saturated water vapor and can release high pressure.The laminated substrate(Laminates)test piece can be placed in it for a period of time to force water vapor into the plate,and then remove the plate Then place the surface layer of high temperature molten tin to accurately measure its"level resistance"characteristics.This word also has a synonym for PressureCooker,which is more common in the industry.In addition,there is a"cabin pressure method"developed with ultra-high pressure carbon dioxide in the solid wood multilayer board pressing process,which also belongs to this type of AutoclavePress

  MassLamination large and medium pressure plate(laminated)

  It is a new type of construction method that discards the"pointing pin"of the solid wood multilayer board pressing process and selects three rows of boards on the same surface.Since 1986,when the demand for four or six multi-layer boards has increased,the pressing method of solid wood multi-layer boards has changed a lot.In the early stage,only one delivery board was arranged on the process board to be pressed.This one-to-one trick has been improved in the old method.It can be changed to one-two,one-four,or even a large number of rows according to its specifications.The plates are pressed together.The second of the old law is to cancel the registration tips of various bulk materials(such as inner metal sheet,film,single-sided metal sheet on the surface,etc.);and change the surface layer to copper foil,and pre-made on the inner multilayer board.""Target",after the pressure is pressed,the target is"swept",and then a special tool hole is drilled from the center,and it can be drilled on the planer

  LayUp overlay

  Before laminating double-layer circuit boards or substrates,various loose materials such as inner multi-layer boards,film and copper sheets and steel plates,packing paper mats,etc.need to be directed,aligned,or registered In order to be careful to feed into the pressing machine to carry out pressing.This type of preparatory work is called LayUp.In order to improve the quality of solid wood multi-layer boards,not only should this"lamination"work be carried out in a clean room operated by temperature and humidity,but also for the speed and quality of mass production,generally those with eight or less layers adopt the large and medium-sized pressing method(MassLam)engineering construction,and even the use of"automation technology"superposition method to reduce the mistakes of human factors.In order to save the consideration of industrial plants and shared machinery and equipment,general processing plants often combine the"stacking"and"stainless steel punching plate"into a comprehensive solution enterprise,and the engineering projects of poor automation are very complicated.
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