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How to reflect the process characteristics and uniqueness of ceramic substrates

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  What is dbc(copper clad ceramic substrate)?

  Copper-clad ceramic substrate is referred to as ceramic copper-clad plate for short,Centrotherm DBC(Direct Bonding Copper).Ceramic copper clad laminates have the characteristics of high thermal conductivity,high electrical insulation,high mechanical strength,low expansion and other characteristics of ceramics,and also have the high conductivity and excellent welding performance of oxygen-free copper,and can etch various patterns like PCB circuit boards..

  Ceramic coated copper substrate,Centrotherm DBC(Direct Bonding Copper)has excellent thermal conductivity,high insulation,high current carrying capacity,excellent solder resistance and high adhesion strength and can etch various circuit patterns like PCB.Copper-clad ceramic substrates are used in power electronics,high-power modules,aerospace and other fields.

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  High current DBC ceramic substrate

  High-current DBC ceramic substrates are generally used in areas with large currents and large resistances,such as high-power modules and high-power devices.

  DBC ceramic substrate adhesion

  Direct copper deposition(DBC)method ceramic substrate is a new type of ceramic-metal connection method.Adhesion is the main performance of this kind of substrate.In combination with the problems found in production practice,some main process factors affecting adhesion are analyzed and studied in order to obtain the best process state,improve the quality of DBC substrates,and broaden the application field..

  Ceramic copper(DBC)substrate electroless nickel plating process

  The surface of the ceramic copper-clad substrate(DBC)is usually plated with chemical nickel to improve the reliability during welding and bonding.This article introduces the problem of leaky plating during the process of electroless nickel plating on the DBC substrate,analyzes the causes of the leaky plating,and makes experiments in Based on the optimization of the plating process parameters,the coating performance after the optimized process was tested,and its performance meets the requirements of subsequent product use.

DBC production ceramic

  DBC production ceramic substrate sintering jig

  The utility model belongs to the technical field of microelectronic processing equipment,and particularly relates to a ceramic substrate sintering jig for DBC production.The jig includes a bearing plate body,a movable supporting bar and an adjustment limit block.A supporting protrusion is provided on one side of the bearing plate body,and a first inclined supporting surface is formed inside the supporting protrusion;the bearing plate A limit protrusion is provided on the other side of the body,a vertical limit surface is formed on the inner side of the limit protrusion;a second inclined support surface is formed on the inner side of the movable support bar,and an outer side of the movable support bar is formed Vertically against the surface.The sintering jig can flexibly match the sintering of various specifications of products,which is not only beneficial to improve production efficiency,reduce the cost of the jig,but also improve the convenience of use.
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