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What kind of process will ceramic-based copper clad laminates have?

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  Ceramic-based polyimide membranes are currently in high demand in the market,and the processing technology level is relatively mature,and has been widely used in the sales market.So what are the processing techniques for ceramic-based polyimide membranes?

  What is ceramic polyimide film

  Ceramic polyimide film is abbreviated as DBC-based steel plate in English.It is composed of a ceramic plate,a bonding layer and a conductive layer.It means that the copper foil is immediately bonded to aluminum oxide or aluminum nitride ceramics at high temperatures.The unique processing method on the surface of the substrate has high heat transfer characteristics,high adhesive compressive strength,excellent solderability and high-quality insulation characteristics,but it cannot pass through holes,is poor in precision,and the surface is not smooth.Because of the graphic boundaries,only regions with large intervals can be used,and high-precision regions cannot be used.Moreover,small-scale taxpayer manufacturing cannot be completed only with mass production.

  DBC ceramic substrate.JPG

  LAN ceramic substrate technology

  Nowadays,the production of ceramic polyimide films in the manufacturing industry has long been LAM technology(laser rapid active metallization technology)to replace DBC technology.The ceramic circuit boards produced by this new type of technology have stronger thermal conductivity and are stronger and stronger.Low-resistance ceramic film layer,more matched linear expansion coefficient,and the base steel plate has good forgeability,high application temperature,low high frequency loss,and high density assembly.The copper layer has no air oxide layer and no organic components.The electrical strength is very good.The thickness of the conductive layer can be customized according to customer requirements.Between 1μm-1mm,the most important thing is that it can be completed in two dimensions and three dimensions.

ceramic substrates

  Ceramic substrate DBC technology and characteristics

  DBC technology.Thick copper layer,fast production and processing,low price,can be made into double layers,suitable for mass production.

  But this kind of technology cannot pass through holes,the precision is poor,and the flatness(roughness)is low.It is suitable for installation on products with large intervals,and cannot be used in high-precision manufacturing industries.Nowadays,people's living standards are getting higher and higher,and the quality regulations on products are getting higher and higher.Currently on the market,there are manufacturers of DBC processing technology in Zibo City,Shandong Province.

  Ceramic substrate DPC technology

  DPC technology is a technology that uses vacuum pump magnetron sputtering to carry out copper electroplating.This process is one step more than other processing techniques.Its advantages depend on high precision,good flatness,good combination(within the scope of relative applications),and the ability to pass holes.

  The disadvantage is that this type of technology only has to make metal sheets(thickness<300μm),and its cost is high,and the production volume is limited,resulting in often delivery times that cannot be punctual.

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