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Ceramic substrate: China's market status and future development trends

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  DBC(DirectBondingCopper)immediately closely connects the copper-based steel plate(copper-clad ceramic substrate),with good thermal cycling,stable appearance,good rigidity,high thermal conductivity,and high reliability.The copper-clad surface can be ion-injected into various patterns It is a zero-pollution,non-pollution environmentally friendly product.The application temperature is very common.It can be from-55℃to 850℃,and its thermal expansion coefficient is close to silicon.Its main purpose is very common:it can be used as a semiconductor material refrigerator,Electronic heaters,power engineering semiconductor material control modules with high power,output power control loops,output power mixed power circuits,intelligent output power components,high-frequency power transformers,intermediate relays,automotive electronics,aerospace and military electronics Device parts,solar panel parts,communication equipment dedicated network switches,receiving system software,lasers and other industrial electronics industries.

  DBC,after coating the single and double sides or both sides of the high dielectric strength AL2O3 or ALN ceramic substrate with copper metal material,the copper metal material will be oxidized and diffused with Al2O3 due to high temperature air oxidation and diffusion after being heated in a natural environment at a high temperature of 1065~1085℃The material creates(Eutectic)eutectic solution to bond the copper and the ceramic substrate to produce a porcelain composite metal material-based steel plate.Finally,according to the route design plan,the route is prepared by the etching process method.

  DBC ceramic substrate industry and market environment development trend

  The development of new technology applications-such as the development of new technology applications such as 5G,business intelligence,cloud,etc.,will create more beneficial standards and natural environments for the development of DBC ceramic substrates.

  The speed of technological upgrading is accelerating--because of the rapid development of new technology applications,this urges DBC ceramic substrate companies to remain vigilant,pioneering and innovating,or they will encounter a situation of replacement

  China’s trade frictions have emerged one after another--especially the trade frictions between China and the United States and between South Korea and Japan in recent years.The warning effect for China is that key technologies must be grasped,and key originals and raw materials must have substitutes and sources.For diversification and so on.It is expected to have certain positive news effects for small and medium-sized Chinese manufacturers.

  This year,the world's annual output value of DBC ceramic substrates is 197 million U.S.dollars.It is estimated that it will reach 360 million U.S.dollars in 2030,with a CAGR of 10.6%.

  The key manufacturers in the manufacturing industry are Rogers and KCC,and their revenue share this year is 49.41%and 22.26%respectively.From a geographical perspective,this year's European consumption share is the largest,reaching 28%.

ceramic substrates

  The global DBC ceramic substrate market capacity reached 1.3 billion yuan this year,and it is estimated that it will reach 2.6 billion yuan in 2026,with a compound annual growth rate(CAGR)of 10.6%.

  At this stage,the world's DBC ceramic substrate sales market is keyed by two manufacturers,namely Rogers Rogers/Curamik and South Korea KCC,which account for more than 70%of the world's market share.Shanghai Shenhe Ferrotec ranks third,and it is estimated that the market share will increase significantly in the next two years.Europe is the largest manufacturing area,occupying more than 50%of the market share.Key manufacturers include Rogers,Heraeus Electronics and IXYS.South Korea is the second largest manufacturer,and the key manufacturer is KCC,ranking second in the world.As far as the Chinese sales market is concerned,the future production capacity expansion and market demand will be greatly improved.As far as the origin is concerned,the current origin of DBC ceramic substrates is mainly located in Germany,China,Taiwan,South Korea and the United States.This region is also a key consumption region for DBC ceramic substrates.It is estimated that in the next two years,worldwide sales The market will still consist of many geographical cores.

  In terms of commodities,the high-end market demand is relatively stable,and there are a few companies that are monopolistic.The mid-to-low-end sales market is key to several companies such as China and Taiwan,which have relatively low technical strength,low prices and relatively low market competition.Sexual violent.In terms of product segmentation,at this stage,aluminum oxide DBC ceramic substrates are dominant,and the production volume market share is close to 90%;however,aluminum nitride DBC ceramic substrates are used in high-end industries due to their high-quality characteristics.Wide,such as in the aerospace,car industry,etc.In addition,because the price of aluminum nitride DBC ceramic substrates is relatively high,the market capacity is relatively small.

  As far as the middle and downstream applications of DBC ceramic substrates are concerned,the key at this stage is the wide range of applications in the IGBT control module industry.In the future,there will be a large number of applications in the car,aerospace,diagnosis and treatment,industrial production,solar power,solar energy,and wind power industries.
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