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What are the characteristics and performance of ceramic substrates?

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  Today,what I produced for everyone is a ceramic substrate.The aluminum oxide ceramic substrate is an earlier ceramic substrate,and its development trend has been very stable.But what is the main function of the ceramic substrate?Today,let everyone explain the characteristics and advantages of ceramic substrates in detail.

  Ceramic substrate characteristics:

  1.Ceramic substrate mechanical equipment has strong ground stress and stable appearance;high toughness,high thermal conductivity,high dielectric strength;strong bonding force,anti-corrosion;good thermal cycle characteristics,cycle frequency up to 50,000 times,and high reliability;Like the PCB board(or IMS substrate),the structure can be ion implanted into various patterns;2.Zero pollution,no pollution.

  3.However,its production volume is extremely low.Due to the difficulty of production technology and processing technology product development costs,higher-end new ceramic substrate companies are now more expensive,but the product processing process and the product itself are completely environmentally friendly,technical shortcomings and trade barriers have increased Later,with the increase in production,the price will be greatly reduced,which is the future development prospect of electronic circuit boards.

  The advantages of ceramic substrates:

  1.The linear expansion coefficient of the ceramic substrate is close to that of the silicon integrated IC,which can save the Mo piece of the connection layer,save time,save building materials,and control costs;reduce the welding layer,reduce the heat transfer coefficient,reduce the cracks,and increase the yield;

  2.Under the same cable current carrying capacity,the 0.3 mm thick copper foil pattern limit is only 10%of the general printed circuit board;high-quality heat transfer makes the integrated IC package very compact,which further improves the power and improves the system software And equipment reliability;

  3.Thin(0.25mm)ceramic substrate can replace BeO,no problem of environmental protection toxic side effects;

  4.The current capacity of the cable is large,and the 100A current continues to rise according to the copper body with a width of 0.3mm in millimeters,and the temperature rises about 17℃;

  5.The heat transfer coefficient is low.The heat transfer coefficient of the 10×10mm ceramic substrate is 0.63mm,the heat transfer coefficient of the thin ceramic substrate is 0.31K/W,and the heat transfer coefficient of the 0.38mm thin ceramic substrate is 0.19K/W,0.25 The heat transfer coefficient of mm thin ceramic substrate is 0.14K/W;

  6.The insulation layer has high compression resistance to ensure the safety of life and the safety protection of machinery and equipment.

Ceramic substrate

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