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What are the characteristics of alumina ceramic board in performance?

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  Alumina ceramic plate is a relatively common ceramic product in the industrial ceramic industry.What are the characteristics of using 99 alumina as a material?Next,I will bring you what are the characteristics of 99 alumina ceramic plate in terms of performance.

  99 alumina ceramics are common types of alumina ceramics,which are suitable for making high-temperature crucibles,refractory furnace tubes and special wear-resistant materials,such as ceramic bearings,ceramic seals,and water valves.There is also a common type of 95 alumina ceramic,which is mainly used as corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant parts.

  performance characteristics

  One.High temperature resistance

  99 alumina ceramic board has good thermal conductivity,insulation,mechanical strength and high temperature resistance.It still has excellent insulation performance at a high temperature of 1000℃,so it is widely used in electronic appliances,military scientific research and other industries.

  Two.Wear resistance and insulation properties

  With the development of high and new technology,because 99 alumina ceramics can guarantee its excellent insulation performance,but also have the properties of wear resistance and high temperature resistance,more and more industries have begun to choose alumina ceramic materials for replacement Parts of traditional plastic materials.That is,the service life of machine parts is prolonged,and the use efficiency of parts is also improved.It can be used as an integrated circuit substrate and high-frequency insulating material in the electronics industry.

What are the characteristics of alumina ceramic board in performance


  99 alumina ceramic plate production is a complete production process.

  is mainly divided into 4 types:

  1.Ceramic molding

  2.Ceramic sintering

  3.Ceramic processing

  4.Ceramic testing

  99 alumina ceramic plate molding can be completed by ceramic dry pressing,and then the granular ceramic body is densified and formed into a solid material through a sintering furnace.Sintering is to remove the voids between particles in the green body,remove a small amount of gas and impurity organic matter,so that the particles grow and combine with each other to form new substances.Then through processing,such as ceramic surface processing and ceramic roughness processing.Finally,the test product is completed with 99 alumina ceramic plate.
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