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Ceramic substrate: what development trend will the electronic ceramic industry have?

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  Electronic ceramic industry segmentation field analysis and industry development trends

  1.Overview of the development of electronic ceramic industry

  Electronic ceramics refers to ceramic materials used in the electronic industry to prepare various electronic components and devices.It uses artificially refined inorganic powder as raw materials,and achieves specific requirements through structural design,accurate stoichiometry,appropriate molding methods and firing systems.The performance is processed to meet the requirements of the use of inorganic non-metallic materials with dimensional accuracy.Electronic ceramics are widely used in the electronics industry to prepare various electronic components and are an indispensable basic material for the manufacture of electronic components.

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  The upstream of the electronic ceramic industry includes electronic ceramic basic powder,formula powder,metal materials,chemical materials,etc.;the middle stream is electronic ceramic materials,which mainly include:ceramic housing,ceramic base,ceramic substrate,chip multilayer ceramic capacitor ceramics,microwave Dielectric ceramics,etc.The downstream of electronic ceramics are mainly electronic components,which are finally applied to terminal products.Its application fields are very broad,including optical communications,wireless communications,industrial lasers,consumer electronics,automotive electronics,etc.,and are mainly used for oscillation in various electronic complete machines,Coupling,filtering and other circuits.

  Compared with traditional materials,ceramic materials have excellent properties such as high temperature resistance,wear resistance,corrosion resistance,and light weight.The application areas of electronic ceramic materials are as follows:

  Overview of the industry chain of electronic ceramic materials industry


  my country is a big demand country for electronic ceramics.With the strong support of policies such as the"Industrial Strong Base Special Action",many domestic manufacturers are increasing investment and production in the field of electronic ceramics.In the future,China is expected to gain greater discourse in the field of electronic ceramics.right.

  2.Development status of electronic ceramic subdivision products

  Electronic ceramic products are an inseparable and important part of high-end semiconductor devices.They are an important bridge connecting chips and external system circuits.They directly affect the performance,quality and reliability of devices.They can be widely used in communications,high-power lasers,and automotive electronics.,Consumer electronics and other fields.

  (1)Electronic ceramic housing for communication devices

  a.Optical communication device housing

  In recent years,the country has vigorously called for and advocated the"Broadband China"strategy and the"Internet+Action Plan",which has promoted the rapid development of the Internet industry and cloud computing,and has promoted the continuous increase in demand for data centers across the country.The data center uses 100G optical modules as the mainstream.The communication within the data center,between data centers,and between data centers of different customers all have demand for optical communication devices.The 5G era is approaching.With the explosive data transmission and storage in the optical communication field,the bandwidth usage has increased substantially.Optical communication devices are mainly based on 100G and continue to develop to 400G.

ceramic substrates

  With the acceleration of my country's optical communications industry infrastructure construction,the optical communications device industry has gradually shifted to China,and my country has also become an important global production base.Major foreign optical communication device companies have transferred their main production and R&D bases to China.At present,many internationally renowned industry giants have established branches in China such as R&D,purchasing centers or factories.Domestic optical communication device manufacturers are developing rapidly due to demand,and have invested in the production of 100G optical communication devices/optical modules.Therefore,with the growth of the market size of optical communication devices and modules,and the accelerated deployment of domestic and foreign optical communication device companies in the field of high-end optical communication devices,the demand for optical communication device housings as one of the key components has also increased.

  b.Infrared detector housing

  The electronic ceramic housing has good airtightness,can provide better physical support,electrical pathways,thermal pathways and other advantages.From the perspective of product manufacturing,compared to metal housings,electronic ceramic housings are used in infrared detectors,which can significantly reduce the volume and weight of the detectors and reduce manufacturing costs.

  With the continuous expansion of infrared detectors in new applications such as electric power,construction,law enforcement,fire protection,and automotive,its consumption in the civil market will grow rapidly.As a supporting component of the infrared body temperature measuring instrument,the infrared detector housing plays an active role in the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in my country;the surge in demand for infrared body temperature measuring instruments will also quickly promote the application of infrared detector housings.Rapid growth.

  c.Wireless power device housing

  Wireless power devices include silicon bipolar transistors,LDMOS power tubes,and third-generation semiconductor GaN power tubes.They are the core devices of mobile communication base stations and mobile terminals.With the development of 4G/5G systems,the number of base stations will also increase dramatically.LDMOS power tubes and third-generation semiconductor GaN power tubes will become the most competitive advanced devices for base stations.In addition,with the frequent launch of Beidou satellites,handheld,vehicle-mounted,airborne,shipborne,and embedded Beidou navigation system terminal applications have become more and more popular.For each terminal to realize the communication with the space satellite,the wireless power device of its transmitting channel is very important.

  After years of hard work,my country has made great achievements in the field of wireless power device technology.However,due to cost,batch production capacity,consistency and other reasons,in the popularization and application of communication base stations and Beidou terminals,wireless power devices mainly rely on imports,and domestic communication equipment manufacturers purchase large amounts of imported devices.The housing of wireless power devices is a key component of wireless power devices,and the outbreak of domestic wireless power devices will surely drive the demand for supporting housings.

  (2)Electronic ceramic housing for industrial lasers

  Laser has become one of the basic technologies of modern high-end industrial manufacturing,and has a pivotal position.Laser-related products and services have spread all over the world,forming a huge laser industry.Industrial lasers are an important part of the laser industry.

  According to different gain media,lasers can be divided into liquid lasers,gas lasers,semiconductor lasers,fiber lasers and solid-state lasers.Fiber laser is one of the new generation of solid-state lasers,which has the characteristics of high photoelectric conversion efficiency,simple structure and good beam quality.

  At present,the key technology of high-power fiber lasers is still in the hands of foreign companies,mainly German IPG and British SPI companies.However,a large number of outstanding laser companies have emerged in China,such as Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technology Co.,Ltd.,Shenzhen Chuang Xin Laser Co.,Ltd.,Beijing Kaipulin Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd.,etc.These companies have a certain degree of independent research and development capabilities,are growing rapidly,and gradually occupy a place in some fiber laser markets.

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