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Ceramic substrates can be applied in these fields

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  Application of ceramic substrates in chips

  The use of ceramic substrates is ceramic chips.In LEDs,ceramic substrates are often used to make chips to achieve better thermal conductivity.In addition

  ◆High-power power semiconductor module;

  ◆Semiconductor refrigerator,electronic heater;power control circuit,power mixing circuit.

  ◆Intelligent power unit;high frequency switching power supply,solid state relay.

  ◆Automotive electronics,aerospace and military electronic components.

  ◆Solar panel components;telecommunications dedicated exchanges,receiving systems;industrial electronics such as lasers

  also use ceramic substrates to make ceramic chips.After switching to ceramic substrates,the product functions are more complete,and the good heat dissipation effect and insulation solve many problems.

  The application of ceramic substrates in third-generation semiconductors

  Mainstream power devices represented by baiMOSFETs,IGBTs,thyristors,etc.occupy a place in their respective frequency and power sections.IGBT combines the advantages of MOSFET and bipolar transistor.It has the advantages of high input impedance,fast switching speed,simple driving circuit,etc.It also has the advantages of large output current density,on-state voltage drop,and high voltage withstand.The voltage is generally from 600V~6.5kV.The advantage of IGBT is to form a channel by applying a forward gate voltage to provide the base current of the transistor to turn on the IGBT.Conversely,if a reverse gate voltage is provided,the channel can be eliminated and the IGBT is turned off due to the reverse gate current.Off.In comparison,the switching speed of IGBT is lower than that of MOSFET but significantly higher than GTR;the on-state voltage drop of IGBT is close to GTR,but much lower than power MOSFET;the current and voltage level of IGBT is close to GTR but higher than power MOSFET.Due to the comprehensive and excellent performance of IGBT,it has replaced GTR and has become the mainstream device in power electronic devices such as inverters,UPS,frequency converters,motor drives,and high-power switching power supplies,especially in the popular electric vehicles and high-speed rails.

ceramic substrates

  The application of alumina ceramic substrate in the field of electronics and electricity

  In the field of power electronics,large currents are required,such as power switching power supplies,electric drives,etc.,and dielectric ceramic substrates are needed to achieve better thermal conductivity and prevent current burnout and short-circuit.

  The application of alumina ceramic co-fired plate in the lithium battery industry

  With the recommendation of artificial intelligence and environmental protection,the automobile industry has also launched electric cars.Electric cars mainly store electricity through batteries.The lithium battery made of ceramic substrate can achieve better current and heat dissipation functions.Thereby promoting the market demand for new energy vehicles.

  The application of ceramic substrates in integrated circuits

  For an integrated circuit using a ceramic substrate,the conventional packaging process is:the wafer from the previous process is cut into small chips(dicing)after the dicing process,and then the diced bare chip is removed from the wafer and mounted Go to the small island of the corresponding ceramic substrate(sticky sheet),and then use ultra-fine metal wires to connect the bonding pads of the bare chip to the corresponding pins of the ceramic substrate(bonding),and form the required circuit;then Then the bare chips and ultra-fine metal wires are encapsulated and protected(coated)with black glue;after coating,the ceramic substrate is divided into individual circuits(splits)according to a predetermined size using a dicing machine;then lead frame welding and circuit cleaning are performed A series of operations such as cutting the ribs of the lead frame,after the completion of the finished product test,usually through the inspection and packaging processes,and finally the warehouse and shipment.

  Small and small ceramic substrates with a size of less than 3mm*3mm can also be used to package small-sized integrated circuits through technology.Therefore,the application of integrated circuits is also increasing.After all,the development of integrated circuits is characterized by precision and miniaturization.

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