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Ceramic substrate: Which one is better for silicon nitride ceramic substrate with copper coating?

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  The silicon nitride ceramic copper-clad substrate is to cover the surface of the silicon nitride ceramic substrate with copper foil through technical means,so that the silicon nitride ceramic substrate has better thermal conductivity and electrical performance after metallization.So what are the domestic manufacturers of silicon nitride ceramic substrate copper coating?What kind of manufacturer produces better silicon nitride ceramic substrates?

  The characteristics of silicon nitride ceramic substrate

  Silicon nitride ceramic has 2.4 times the flexural strength of aluminum oxide and aluminum nitride,so it has much higher reliability than aluminum nitride and aluminum oxide.In particular,its high strength can realize its covering with thick copper substrates.Greatly improve the thermal performance of the substrate.Compared with aluminum nitride and aluminum oxide,silicon nitride ceramic copper clad laminates have obvious advantages in current carrying capacity,heat dissipation capacity,mechanical properties,and reliability.Silicon nitride ceramics are inferior to aluminum nitride ceramic substrates in terms of thermal conductivity,so it has become the focus of attention in improving thermal conductivity.High thermal conductivity ceramics should have the following conditions:(1)Small average atomic weight;(2)High atomic bonding strength;(3)Simple crystal structure;(4)Low lattice anharmonic vibration.The methods to improve the thermal conductivity of silicon nitride ceramics include:(1)introduction ofβ-Si3N4 phase seed crystals;(2)selection of sintering aids;(3)molding process and heat treatment process.

Ceramic substrate

  Copper clad process for silicon nitride ceramic substrate--AMB

  The silicon nitride ceramic substrate is generally copper-clad on both sides through the AMB process time.The AMB process can greatly improve the heat dissipation performance of the silicon nitride ceramic substrate,and the heat dissipation performance can be increased to 2-3 times that of the alumina ceramic substrate.So it has stronger current carrying capacity,lower overall thermal resistance of the substrate,and stronger resistance to temperature shock.Silicon nitride ceramic substrate has the characteristics of high strength,high thermal conductivity,and high reliability.It can be used to make circuits on the surface by wet etching process,and the surface is plated to produce a substrate material for high-reliability electronic substrate module packaging..
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