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What are the common uses and characteristics of ceramic substrate

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  Ceramic substrate is a special process plate that copper foil is directly bonded to the surface of alumina(Al2O3)or aluminum nitride(AlN)ceramic substrate(single or double sided)at high temperature.The ultra-thin composite substrate has excellent electrical insulation performance,high thermal conductivity,excellent solderability and high adhesion strength.It can etch various patterns like PCB,and has great current carrying capacity.Therefore,ceramic substrate has become the basic material of high power electronic circuit structure technology and interconnection technology.

  Characteristics and common uses of ceramic substrate


  1.It has strong mechanical stress,stable shape,high strength,high thermal conductivity,high insulation,strong adhesion and corrosion resistance.

  2.It has good thermal cycling performance with 50000 cycles and high reliability.

  3.Like PCB board(or IMS substrate),it can etch all kinds of graphic structures,and is pollution-free and pollution-free.

  4.The operating temperature is from-55℃to 850℃,and the thermal expansion coefficient is close to silicon,which simplifies the production process of power module.

ceramic substrate


  1.High power power semiconductor module;semiconductor cooler,electronic heater;power control circuit,power mixing circuit.

  2.Intelligent power module,high frequency switching power supply,solid state relay.

  3.Automotive electronics,aerospace and military electronic components.

  4.Solar panel module;telecommunication special exchange,receiving system;laser and other industrial electronics.

  The appearance of ceramic substrate products has opened the development of heat dissipation application industry.Due to the heat dissipation characteristics of ceramic substrate and the advantages of high heat dissipation,low thermal resistance,long life and voltage resistance,with the improvement of production technology and equipment,the price of products has been accelerated and rationalized,thus expanding the application fields of LED industry,such as indicator lights of home appliances,automobile lights,street lamps and outdoor Type Kanban,etc.The successful development of ceramic substrate will provide services for indoor lighting and outdoor lighting products,making the future market of LED industry broader.
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