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What are the applications and technologies of DPC ceramic substrates?

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  The latest research report on the global market shows that the global 5G Internet of Things market will reach 700 million US dollars in 2020.With the need for Internet of Things devices and the gradual popularization of 5G technology,it is expected that by 2025,the market data will double to 63 One hundred million U.S.dollars.

  With the development and popularization of 5G Internet of Things,3D Sensing and sensing technology are about to usher in a rapid growth.As the core device of 3D Sensing and sensing system,VCSEL will undoubtedly have a major breakthrough in semiconductor laser technology.

  The VCSEL market is expected to grow from US$1.247 billion in 2019 to US$3.775 billion in 2024,with a compound annual growth rate of 31%.Market data undoubtedly prove that VCSEL is one of the fastest growing segments of the photonics market.

  One,VCSEL laser

  A VCSEL is essentially a semiconductor laser.The laser is a device used to emit laser light,while a semiconductor laser is a device that emits laser light as a working material.According to the structure of the laser chip,semiconductor lasers can be divided into edge emitting lasers(EEL)And vertical cavity surface emitting laser(VCSEL).

  VCSEL has the following advantages over EEL:

  (1)The circular spot is easier to couple with the optical fiber and the coupling efficiency will be much higher

  (2)Vertical light emission is easier to realize two-dimensional plane and photoelectric integration

  (3)Low threshold current

  (4)High photoelectric conversion efficiency

  (5)Long service life

  (6)Strong modulation ability

  (7)Can be integrated with large-scale integrated circuits

  (8)No cleavage is required,on-chip experiments can be carried out after packaging

  (9)Working in single longitudinal mode in a wide range of temperature and current

  VCSEL also shows its excellent performance in sensor applications.Compared with the LED light source used in the early 3D camera system,it has a simpler structure,smaller volume and more precise distance.

DPC ceramic substrate

  2.VCSEL application trend

  Due to the gradual growth of the infrared component application market,the current terminal mobile phone 3D sensing technology,automotive LiDAR and optical fiber transmission are booming

  1.Mobile phone market blessing

  TOF is one of the three mainstream 3D Sensing technology routes.The other two are binocular stereo imaging and structured light.At present,the more mature solutions are structured light and TOF.TOF has quickly become widely recognized on the mobile terminal due to its simple structure,smaller module size,longer detection distance,and lower material cost.

  The working principle of TOF is to use the VCSEL laser source as the transmitting end to emit continuous infrared light to the target,and then use the infrared CIS as the receiving end to receive the light signal returned by the object.

  Apple configured a"TOF optical sensor"on the main rear camera module of the iPhone 7,and the iPhone X not only continued the above applications,but also used 3D structured light on the front face recognition module.And TOF optical sensor assembly,push VCSEL TOF directly to a peak.

  VCSEL manufacturers are generally optimistic about the application prospects of ToF technology in smart phones.But in fact,5G brings much more to the VCSEL industry.

  2,the rise of the auto market

  Under the surging tide of global autonomous driving,and stimulated by the rapid growth of"new infrastructure"applications proposed by the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee,the demand for the automotive lidar industry will undoubtedly increase to a new high.

  Compared with the current expensive mechanical lidar,the solid-state lidar of VCSEL can better achieve the performance required by vehicles.The solid-state lidar of VCSEL has higher reliability,stability and miniaturization,laying the foundation for the large-scale application of lidar in the automotive field.

  VCSEL has been used as the core device of a new generation of optical storage and optical communication applications since its birth,and it is used in optical parallel processing,optical recognition,optical interconnection systems,optical storage and other fields.With the improvement of process and material technology,the advantages of VCSEL devices in the fields of power consumption,manufacturing cost,integration,and heat dissipation have begun to appear,and are gradually applied to commercial applications such as industrial heating,environmental monitoring,medical equipment,and consumer applications such as 3D perception.

  Three,VCSEL package

  The low conversion efficiency of VCSEL chips leads to serious heat dissipation problems.To solve this problem,we need to start with the basic chip material.However,traditional circuit boards FR-4 and FE-3 obviously cannot meet this requirement.Ceramic plates have always used their heat dissipation performance as the main advantage,which naturally can solve the problem of poor heat dissipation of VCSELs.

  The power density of VCSEL is very high,and the ceramic circuit board has a high thermal expansion coefficient matching VCSEL,so as to solve the stress problem caused by thermal expansion mismatch between chip and substrate.The DPC ceramic circuit board makes the metal edge and the ceramic substrate tightly combined,avoiding the additional bonding process,coordination accuracy and other problems in the later assembly process,as well as the reliability problems caused by the aging of the glue.

  The structure of VCSEL is a vertical structure.DPC ceramic circuit boards have unique technical advantages such as high resolution,high flatness and high reliability vertical interconnection,which are more suitable for vertical eutectic welding,eliminating the dimensional accuracy of thick film substrates such as LTCC and HTCC.High,rough wiring and other defects.

  VCSEL needs to set up the lens above the chip,that is,the substrate needs to be made into a three-dimensional cavity.The Stoneon ceramic circuit board can not only make a flat circuit board but also a three-dimensional circuit board-the dam product.Inorganic ceramic materials have matched thermal expansion coefficients,and there will be no delamination or warpage during the preparation process.

  DPC thin film technology ceramic circuit boards almost meet the packaging requirements of VCSEL.Stone DPC ceramic circuit board is also called direct copper-plated ceramic circuit board.The surface of the substrate is metalized by evaporation,magnetron sputtering and other surface deposition processes.First,sputtering titanium under vacuum conditions and then sputtering copper particles,then proceed Electroplating thickens,adopts the image transfer method to make the circuit on the thin-film metalized ceramic board,and then adopts the electroplating sealing technology to form the ceramic circuit board between the high-density double-sided wiring.

  DPC ceramic substrate has many characteristics such as high thermal conductivity,high insulation,high circuit accuracy,high surface flatness and thermal expansion coefficient and chip matching,and it has quickly occupied an important position in high-power VCSEL component packaging.

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