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What are the application prospects of ceramic substrates?

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  ★Electrical insulating ceramics.

  Electrical insulating ceramics are widely used in metal solution baths,molten salt containers,packaging materials,and integrated circuits due to their good thermal conductivity,low electrical conductivity,low dielectric constant,low dielectric loss,high mechanical strength and good chemical stability Substrate,electrolytic cell lining,metal matrix composite reinforcement materials,active armor materials,radiators and heating parts of high-temperature furnaces.

  In the electronics and power industry,insulating ceramics such as insulators,insulating sleeves,resistance seats,coil formers,tube seats of electronic tubes and power tubes,and integrated circuit substrates of power equipment are mainly used for the installation,protection,support,insulation,and insulation of electrical equipment.Connect and isolate.

  ★Dielectric ceramics.

  At present,dielectric ceramics are widely used as integrated circuit substrate materials due to their high strength,low dielectric loss,heat resistance and stability.For example,beryllium oxide,aluminum oxide,aluminum nitride,and silicon carbide can be widely used as ceramic materials for integrated circuit substrates.

  ★Piezoelectric ceramics.

  When piezoelectric ceramics are used as sensitive materials,piezoelectric seismometers can monitor subtle vibrations that humans cannot perceive,thereby effectively predicting earthquakes and reducing losses;piezoelectric actuators made of piezoelectric effects are used in microelectronics,precision machinery and biological engineering Important device.Piezoelectric ceramics are used in ultrasonic transmitters,and can be used for ocean exploration,underwater navigation,ultrasonic cleaning,medical imaging,solid detection,ultrasonic disease treatment,etc.In addition,piezoelectric ceramics are also widely used in precision instruments,aerospace,office automation,micromechanical systems,precision positioning and other fields.

ceramic substrates

  ★Semiconductor ceramics.

  There are many kinds of semiconductor ceramics,such as heat sensitive,humidity sensitive,gas sensitive,pressure sensitive and photosensitive resistance.Among them,thermistor elements are widely used in industrial electronic equipment and household appliances;gas-sensitive ceramics are mainly used for meat freshness identification and alcohol identification;humidity-sensitive ceramic sensors are mainly used for food processing,air conditioning,textiles,etc.;pressure-sensitive ceramics Mainly used for superconducting energy transfer,high voltage stability,gapless arrester,etc.In addition,semiconductor ceramics have important applications in aerospace,electronic communications,instrumentation,radar and other fields.

  ★High temperature superconducting ceramics.

  High-temperature superconducting ceramics are widely used in transportation,power systems,environmental medicine,electronic engineering,high-energy nuclear experiments and thermonuclear fusion.For example,in the power system,it can assume the functions of superconducting coils,transmission and distribution,and superconducting generators.Utilize the zero resistance characteristics of superconducting ceramics.In environmental medicine,superconducting instruments can be used for harmless treatment and wastewater purification.In high-energy nuclear experiments and thermonuclear fusion,superconductors can be used to make instruments for detecting particle trajectories,and the strong magnetic field of superconductors can also be used to accelerate particles to obtain high-energy particles.In electronic engineering,it can be made into superconducting,superconducting field effect transistors,superconducting quantum interferometers,superconducting magnetic flux devices and other devices.In addition,the application of HTS in UHF can be used as millimeter wave communication,which will make the TV picture clearer.
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